Two Tip Tuesday – Happenings and Thanksgiving

Oh time flies….it has it been a while! Houston was amazing and I’m so happy to have shared some time with you in my booth for both Market and Festival! Plus, WELCOME if you are new after taking a class or lecture with me! It was a great several weeks and some long days of driving to and from Houston.

Apologies for the delay since the last Two Tips, my computer crashed and I’m working on a new device to catch up! Please send good thoughts my way to recover my life on my computer!


I wrote a book! I have kept this a secret for two years and I’m so proud of how it turned out. Please welcome…..

Hexie Speak – Say it with Hexies A Design Workbook

It has two complete upper case alphabets, one lower case, numbers, punctuation, 18 horizontal borders and 15 vertical borders. The cover is below The book includes different version of putting your letters and borders together into a quilt, wall hanging, pillow or table runner. A great way to “say it” with fabric using half hexies! My Hex-a-Mini is the ideal size to use! The book will be on my website for purchase by next week.

I hope you enjoy giving a voice to your creations.

I am thankful for all the people who helped sew, give input and support to make it happen! Faye Postma, Cheryl Gucwa and Nancy Sullivan were on my secret crew!! A HUGE thanks to Nancy Messuri for her design work in EQ to create the layouts that I used for these creations.

During this week of Thanksgiving…a special thank you to family, friends and quilter friends. Your support means the world to me!

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Two Tip Tuesday – countdown continues

Did you see my preview of what I’m teaching at International Quilt Festival the first week of November? It is going to be a busy week!! 4 Classes, 1 Lecture and 1 Friday Sampler. Go to International Quilt Festival’s YouTube channel or you can go directly to it HERE.

Instead of tips today, I thought I’d share the classes I’ll be teaching in Houston. LOADS of tips are given in every class!

There is a wait list for Become a Brilliant Binder #445 on Thursday, Nov. 3rd, but my other classes still show openings.

#478 Piecing is the Cornerstone also Thursday, Nov. 3rd. We’ll explore and make basic blocks that can be used on their own or combined in many quilt blocks. We will put them together into a table runner. Many variations for layouts will be given. One sample and another center shown below.

#550 Friday Sampler – yes, Friday, Nov. 4th. I’ll be showing Perfect Bindings Every Time. A look at getting those mitered corners perfectly neat and square, plus no fuss joining of the binding tail ends.

#745 Done by Three – Saturday, Nov. 5th. A great quilt for Fat Quarters! Great for beginners because I will be showing cutting, strip piecing, sub-cutting, pressing and squaring blocks. Also good for those interested in getting back to the basics.

#756 Bindings a World of Options – LECTURE also Saturday, Nov. 5th. In this lecture I’ll be covering all things bindings. Many edge finishes to share with samples you can touch and quilts to see.

#817 Machine Sewn Bindings – Sunday, Nov. 6th. All bindings steps will be done on the sewing machine. Kit includes everything cut and ready to sew!

I hope to see you in class or in my booth!

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Two Tip Tuesday – Countdown to Houston

October always brings me one step closer to Houston Quilt Market and Festival. There is still time to enroll for classes!

And the first day of the month I get to celebrate my dad’s and aunt’s birthday. Yep, twins! I’m so blessed to have these two in my life. My Dad and Mom have been in New England on a sightseeing adventure, so I got to spend a couple days with them!

I made a quilt in honor of “the twins”. It is called Brilliant Twin Darts. I love the combination of blues and browns in my original quilt (on the left). You can find it on my website HERE. The middle quilt was made by my Aunt Jody, YES the twin! I love how the greens play across the quilt. Some blocks you see the darts while others look like a spool. The third was made with the same pattern with only two colors per block. It is fun to see how the coloring can change the look, again I see spools more pronounced in the third quilt.

The pattern includes the paper template for the trapezoids in this quilt or you can use Brilliant Bindings as a cutting template. Brilliant Bindings is available HERE.

Here in New England, we have the cool days and cooler nights. Time to get a quilt on the bed! Do you change out your quilts with the season? Or do you have a favorite that stays on year round? One of the things I have done is to store some of my quilts flat on a spare bed. At one count, I had at least 20 piled high.

#1 – Storing quilt flat helps to keep the wrinkles out!

#2 – Put the top quilt in the pile on backside up. This will keep the sunlight off helping to avoid faded fabric.

Sending friends and family in Florida safer days ahead. Thoughts are with all those affected by the hurricane.

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Two Tip Tuesday – Old Maid’s Puzzle Reveal

Sewing time is sparse around here…many things to organize, finalize and visualize for Houston quilt Market and Festival the end of next month. Soooo, my Old Maid’s Puzzle Remix got done on paper. I showed the hexie block I made last week, or was it the week before. I continued my original idea of turning the block on point and then repeating it. But this time I colored it more like the hexie block. I am very pleased with the result. It just never got cut and sewn. I plan on this being a new pattern in the Spring. I think the colors say “yay Spring”. I worked on keeping it in the “old” 1930s color palette. I repeat, I’m pleased!

Short and sweet this week with tips. But first a look at my process for the Old Maid’s Puzzle in photos….

#1 – Don’t be afraid to change direction mid stream. (I will still continue to work on this.)

#2 – When you get excited about and idea/quilt….make it! It will be very satisfying!

And a question still remains – Do I make this in hexie shapes or traditional half square triangle blocks??? Please leave me a comment if you have a thought!

Classes at Houston are filling up! Be sure to register and choose your favorites, sooner rather than later.

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Two Tip Tuesday – Colorado & Remix & Another Kawandi

I knew it was going to be a great few days in Colorado when I arrived to a DOUBLE Rainbow!! Thank you to Quaking Aspen Quilt Guild for a wonderful time! I shared my Egyptian Tentmakers’ Applique lecture with stories and the Tentmakers’ beautiful work. A member of the guild, Kay, even shared one of her pieces during show and tell. My hostess, Debbie and I had a wonderful time sharing quilty bits and blue sky mornings with hot air balloons! Add coffee and homemade crusty bread, perfect!! And to Pam their program chair, thank you for making it all come together. Plus time spent over dinner with quilting friends are the best! Debbie, Pam, Karen and Dana, you girls know how to enjoy a wonderful evening.

The Quilt Pattern designers are onto another Remix as I mentioned last week. The Old Maid’s Puzzle quilt block is the focus this month. I turned the block on point and immediately saw another option using hexies! My Hex-a-ma-jig Jr. tool was used to make the block below. I’m adding the original block turned on point to show where my brain went with this idea.

I’m not sure if I will stay with hexies (actually full hexies, diamonds and triangles) or if I will go back to the original squares, and half square triangles. Hmmmm, the final reveal will be Sept. 26th. I can’t wait to see what I decide. HA!

I had some time to work on my second Kawandi. I stayed with a small 6″ square as the size. This time I used fabrics from one fabric line, Edyta Sitar’s Something Blue fabrics. It makes for a lovely combination, much different from my first scrappy version. I like them both! The photo below shows my audition of how I will add the pieces.

A mix of tips…

#1 – Turn some quilt blocks on point, you get a different view and just might see a whole different idea!

#2 – When working on a Kawandi quilt, find a needle that is easy to thread. I struggled with threading a smaller needle, I am using Perle Cotton. A larger eye needle is so much easier to thread!

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Two Tip Tuesday on Wednesday – Hand Stitching

What happens when you get an extra weekend day? For me, I forgot yesterday was Tuesday as it felt like a Monday!! So, this week’s tips are coming to you a day late.

One thing that happened on Monday….I am joining another Quilt Designer Block Remix. This month we will explore the Old Maid’s Puzzle block. I have pictured it below along with my fabric pull. I’m using some of my 30’s Reproduction fabrics…get it…”old” Maid’s Puzzle. It works for me! Not sure where this one will go as a remix. We post over on Instagram each Monday of the month.

I have started a couple new projects…imagine that! I am in love with learning about Kawandi quilts, their original makers and the techniques. I spent some time online searching through Margaret Fabrizio’s website and youtube videos about her insight about Kawandi quilts. She even made a couple trips to India to study and learn from the Siddi women who make Kawandi quilts!! I’ve made a coaster and now working on one a bit bigger for a small table runner.

Did I tell you how much I love these? A friend of a friend showed me the Kawandi she was working on out in Salt Lake City at the Quilts Inc. Summer Festival. That started my search and I’m hooked!

A couple tips I have discovered when working on my first Kawandi…

#1 – Perfection does not play here! All stitches are done by hand. I have let go of making them exactly the same size. I like to get them close to the same, but I am not worried if they are not.

#2- Take it as it comes (pieces are added from the outside to the middle). You will not see the final look until you get the middle and add your final fabric. It is a huge surprise at the end.

AND….Quilts Inc. has opened class registration for International Fall Quilt Festival. I’ll be teaching 4 classes, 1 lecture and also teaching for the Friday Sampler! I hope to see you in class this fall and in my booth!

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Two Tip Tuesday – Shoo Fly Reveal

Happy to have my Shoo fly Remix well under way. The Reveal was yesterday! I’m sewing the rows together, so here is a quick look at my top left corner! I’m happy with how easy this is to sew together. Everything is pre-cut and sure helps things go together faster.

In cutting and sewing my half hexies with Hex-a-ma-jig Jr. there are a few things I do without even thinking about it. For starters, if I am cutting down an edge with a notch. I start my cutter o the fabric next to the tool, roll the cutter back to the edge and they continue across. I am NOT cutting backwards down the whole edge. This is just a slight roll of the cutter and helps to keep you from cutting into the edge of your acrylic tools. If I am along the edge of a regular rotary cutting ruler, I tap the edge to make sure I am not on top of the ruler. I don’t want to take a chunk out of the edge of my rulers and tools. Shown below for where I start and then the forward cut cross this edge.

#1 – Description above! start – pull back – finish. Plus fingers clear!

To cut the notched “points” off, I actually place the rotary cutter blade on the fabric, put pressure on the blade and roll the cutter handle instead of trying to push the blade forward. Again, this helps to keep you from taking a chunk out of the acrylic tool and uses less movement and force of your cutter. Shown below as my starting point and how little I have to roll the handle.

#2 – Note the above description and placement and “roll” of my cutter handle below.

I hope these cutting tips helps to keep form cutting into your rulers and tools and saves fingers and time!

A shout out to Sew Batik for their beautiful dots! This is an older fabric and I don’t believe it is available anymore….but check out their others!

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Two Tip Tuesday – Thank you Grand Rapids and Shoo Fly Remix

A GREAT big thank you to all of you who attended AQS Quilt Week in Grand Rapids and spent some time in class with me or in my booth. I was “wicked” busy but had a lot of fun! Here was my booth.

And a couple of my student’s work (as promised to them) from my Hexie Flower Garden class… I’ll post more when they send me them <grin> and <wink>!!

I also posted over on Instagram #debbiewendtquilting the 2nd Sneak Peek for the Shoo Fly Remix. I’m using my Hex-a-ma-jig Jr. template with this remix. The Reveal is next Monday. I’m looking forward to doing some power sewing for a few days.

My tips this week are a nod to my students in Grand Rapids…

#1 – First and foremost thank you for taking my classes! A comment I heard a number of times…”it was great to learn so many tips from you.” I appreciate the feedback and always happy to share tips in making quilting easier.

#2- Always check your supply lists. If you don’t understand reach out to your teacher. There was a typo (a couple words got rearranged) and I appreciate it being brought to my attention.

BONUS…thanks to my niece, Mia….put a wet paper towel next to the cutting board when cutting onions. It keeps your eyes from burning. Whatever chemical reaction happens when you cut onions looks for a water source, that is usually your eyes. But with the wet paper towel… it goes there instead. IT WORKS!!!

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Two Tip Tuesday – Shoo Fly Remix and Hello Grand Rapids

I decided on my background for the Shoo Fly Remix dots I chose last week. I’m in love with this blue-y aqua-y batik. It works perfectly with the dots that run throughout all the dot fabrics! A shout out to Ginny at Appletree Fabrics in Auburn, MA for suggestions. A great shop with so any possibilities! My first Sneak Peak is of the “corner triangles of the Shoo Fly. Um, not the traditional half-square triangles. How about a REMIX with 60 degree triangles!

I’m in Grand Rapids ready for AQS Quilt Week! The booth is set- up and ready for quilters and I’m psyched about my classes! My hubby will be helping in the booth for the show. Be patient when waiting to make purchases! (tip #1 – be patient in ALL booths, we go as fast as we can! Sometimes our devices don’t talk nicely to eachother). Also be kind (tip #2 – most vendors have traveled a very long way to attend shows.) We love doing it, so please give us some love 🙂 Hope to see you at the show!

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Two Tip Tuesday – another Remix

August has brought another Designer Block Remix. We will be exploring the Shoo Fly Block. I will put it below. I have use this simple block several times. My Shoo Fly Picnic Quilt is a great, easy, fun quilt to make. This pattern even has a drop cloth bag to carry the quilt to a picnic! You can find my Shoo Fly Picnic quilt pattern HERE.

I’m looking forward to playing with this block and remixing it! Yesterday was the fabric pull. I choose some Sew Batik dots I’ve been saving for the perfect project….I think I found it. <grin>

Now to decide what background fabric to use with these wonderful dots. The progress will continue each Monday. Aug. 8th was the fabric pull, Aug. 15th is Sneak Peek 1, Aug. 22nd is Sneak Peek 2, Aug. 29th is the reveal.

Choosing a background fabric…should it be dark or light? Well, most of the time it is a personal preference. Sometimes, one is better than the other. I will probably head in the light direction for this project. A couple things to evaluate…and good tips…

1- Will the focus fabrics stand on their own on a dark background? What about a light background?

2 – What about a completely different color? There was a saying a number of years ago. Lime was the new neutral. Hmmmm, maybe I’ll choose a bold color.

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