10 Days of Holiday Prep – Day 5

Are you getting some good ideas? I sure am! Today we head back to Perkins Dry Goods to see another great idea that Celine has for us in prepping for the holidays.


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10 Days of Holiday Prep – Day 4

Today we head over to Melissa Bryan’s blog called Big Bee Applique. I hope you enjoy her table runner! I love quick and beautiful, don’t you?!?

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10 Days of Holiday Prep – Day 3

Hello Day 3! Hop on over to Susan Knapp’s blog (Branching Out) to find a baking and sewing idea for the holidays. It is starting to look a lot like Christmas.

And wishing a Happy Hanukkah to those celebrating beautiful nights of lights!

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P.S. I have upgraded this blog. You will see a new address (debbiewendt.com) but my old blog address will link back to it as well!!

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Two Tip Tuesday (on Wednesday) – 10 Days of Holiday Prep

Today I’m sharing a blog hop I am participating in. It started yesterday and so Day 1 was actually on Nov. 30th, sorry my confusion in not getting it posted yesterday. BUT, I’ll post the links below for the 10 days of Holiday Prep. Today’s Holiday idea is over at Perkins Dry Goods. Celine Perkins has posted a Holiday gift idea and recipe. Day 1 is Linda Pearl at One Quilting Circle. (click on the highlighted links to see their posts) Linda did a great introduction with a list of those the designers/creatives participating. All you have to do is follow along to get some great IDEAS and recipes for the Holidays!

I’ll reserve my tips for my TWO days of posting for the hop. Yes, that is two days…Dec. 6th and 8th! Be sure to poke around and see what these designers are up to. I’ll see you back here on Dec. 6th for my first hop post. The schedule for the Holiday Prep Blog Hop by day is listed below. ENJOY!!

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Day 1 – Nov.30th – One Quilting Circle – Linda Pearl

Day 2 – Dec. 1st – Perkins Dry Goods – Celine Perkins

Day 3 – Dec. 2nd – The Quilt Branch – Susan Knapp

Day 4 – Dec. 3rd – Big Bee Applique – Melissa Bryan

Day 5 – Dec. 4th – Perkins Dry Goods – Celine Perkins

Day 6 – Dec. 5th – Creative Arts Professionals – Morna McEver Golletz

Day 7 – Dec. 6th – Wendt Quilting – Debbie Wendt (right here!)

Day 8 – Dec. 7th – One Quilting Circle – Linda Pearl

Day 9 – Dec. 8th – Wendt Quilting – Debbie Wendt (back to me again!)

Day 10 – Dec. 9th – One Quilting Circle – Linda Pearl

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Two Tip Tuesday – Happy Thanksgiving

As we roll into Thanksgiving week, I want to wish everyone a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I’m thankful for my faithful followers and appreciate all of you who follow me on this quilty journey. I’m having fun with speaking at guilds, continuing to design tools and patterns and all things quilting!

With our American Thanksgiving we know the winter holidays are just around the corner. I’ll be sharing a couple holiday tips the first week of December in a blog hop. All the details are to come, so be sure to check back.

I’m working on a couple ornament projects with Christmas fast approaching. The first one is for a secret gift, but I wanted to show the back and a solution….well, actually what I used in desperation. I needed a temporary backing for this ornament. I forgot to bring any spare fabric on my trip, so how about a coffee filter. It worked to cover the fusible and is soft and thin to stitch through. I’ll give a report when it is finished and given!

The second is also a secret… in tracing the cups onto the paper back fusible, I decided to make some right-hand mugs and some left-hand mugs. (I started tracing onto the paper and realized I could have both “hands”. It will be fun to see if anyone notices that some are right and some left. Shhh, don’t tell!

#1 – Try a coffee filter to use as a light weight backing. I’ve used dryer sheets before, now we’ll see how the coffee filter hold up!

#2 – Be sure to reverse your design when tracing onto fusible. (Unless you don’t mind things in reverse or have a design that doesn’t require it to be reverse….!!)

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Two Tip Tuesday – Meet the Teachers

I’m back in the swing of teaching (IN PERSON!) and giving guild lectures (both in person and on Zoom). Thank you to Rhododendron Needlers quilt Guild for having me teach on Saturday. An all day workshop on BINDINGS. We explored many techniques and they went home with a notebook full of samples and my Brilliant Bindings tool! I’ll be speaking at their guild meeting tomorrow night about…you guessed it…Bindings a World of Options!

Also, thank you to Hands Across the Valley Quilt Guild. I did a Zoom lecture for them on Sunday about My Quilting Journey!

Yesterday I was invited to give a 3-minute Meet the Teachers presentation at the New England Quilt Museum. The Museum puts this on for the supporting guilds in the New England area. It was fun to give a quick overview of the 4 lectures/trunk shows I give and share a few of the classes/workshops I teach. THREE minutes….YES, I had to talk fast. Seriously, I don’t think I talked too fast, but the time sure goes quickly. It was fun to catch up with other teachers and talk to many local guild reps about hiring me to do a program or workshop.

I’m going to keep this post wordy with just my photo. I’m about to the end of my “free space” on wordpress. I’ll continue to have this blog, but I may have to change the address to get to it. I’ll keep you posted! Plus, I’ll continue to do Two Tips. I have some projects coming up to share many more tips. I will also be a part of a blog hop the first week of December, so keep your eyes peeled for creative holiday prep ideas!!

#1 – Visit a local Museum. Many have amazing displays of fabric and fiber art. My local New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, MA is a little gem!

#2 – Take a quilt friend with you on that Museum visit!

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Two Tip Tuesday – Thank you Houston!

The International Quilt Festival in Houston is in the books! It was great to have an in person show. I had a booth, taught a lecture and a class! My booth is shown below from several angles.

My favorite part is the TV I added to show my demo videos on Brilliant Bindings and Hex-a-ma-jig.

I’m working on getting those videos on my website.

I missed writing the last two Tuesdays due to set-up and then driving home. I was able to give many tips in person in my “Bindings – A World of Options” lecture and “Done by Three” class. For bindings, try a variety of fabrics, consider bias as well as straight of grain. In “Done by Three” we covered the basics of cutting, sewing 1/4″ seams and making blocks. Once they had blocks made we learned to square them and began arranging them into a quilt. Using blocks from several students we put them together into the start of the quilt. Not bad, for a variety of fabrics!

Three days later, I got a photo from a student’s finished quilt top! I LOVE Terry C.’s quilt and appreciate her sharing it for us to oogle over! Well DONE! Terry added a clever border with her leftover pieces. This quilt is a great use for Fat Quarters!!

Thanks for a great show in Houston! I look forward to more student quilt photos and reports of using a new, or rediscovered binding ideas.

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Two Tip Tuesday – NEW Tool!!!

I was going to wait another week to share my NEW tool, but decided today was a good day. Besides, I’ll be busy setting up my booth next Tuesday for International Quilt Festival in Houston and might forget to post.

I went smaller! Welcome Hex-a-Mini. “Mini” and she will lovingly be called is for 2″ strips. Still very appropriate for cutting from 2 1/2″ strips. Hex-a-Mini has all the same lines for cutting half hexies, triangles, edge pieces, diamonds and full hexies from a wider strip. The instruction booklet that is included in the tool has all the diagrams for cutting these shapes. It also has layouts for the favorite quilts….Flower Garden, Baby Blocks and Stars. Additional project ideas in the same booklet are Winter Trees, Butterflies (a Monarch and smaller traditional) and Race Cars that can also be a Skateboard. But wait, there is more….I’ve added the instructions for cutting the diamonds from the 2″ strip, no waste technique! There she is below!!

A bit of a side story for the name. First, YES it is smaller that the other two, thus Mini. But on a very personal note, my husband’s mother’s name was Mildred and her nickname was Minnie. A beautiful mother-in-law as kind as they come. She got to celebrate her 90th as a princess, complete with tiarra! She celebrate her 91st in heaven.

I love this new Mini! The new projects are below. Samples already made and ready for Houston.

Hex-a-Mini will not be on my website until the second week of November. So keep a look out. I’ll let you know when you can order and have a Hex-a-Mini all of your own! If you are going to Festival, you can get Mini there!

Some FUN extras were added and created for my samples. I added Ric Rack (or is it Ric Rac, I’ve seen it written both ways) to the knife edge binding of the Monarch Butterfly. This is where my quilting design landed from last week’s post. I’m happy with how it looks. The Traditional Butterfly was made into a pillow cover with Pom Poms along the edges! I took the photos before I had the pillow form. A little travel pillow fits perfectly. The Race Cars are truly in a race! And my Winter Trees are ready for the holidays!

#1 – New tools! Give them some attention!

#2 – Try some new techniques to finish your projects. Ric Rack, Pom Poms, etc. It adds a bit of unexpected flair! Remember the checkerboard from two weeks ago? Fun addition!

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Two Tip Tuesday – Quilting Designs

A couple projects are ready for quilting! Decisions, decisions. What to quilt is one of the final questions in most projects. I like to plan out as much as I can before heading to my longarm. I have a Nolting, no regulator and I love it! So, how do I decide on designs? I love having a picture, diagram, line drawing of the quilt. I work from that to pencil in quilting lines and designs. Below is what I’m working on today. Very rough ideas.

Once I was standing in front of the quilt, I still couldn’t decide. So, I did what I knew had to be done…outlining. Oh my, I’m still undecided. So I went from memory of what I put on my paper. It was upstairs and I didn’t go look. Um, I should have! I’m not as happy with what I quilted, but it will stay in. See what I quilted below. I can always add more to it. I’ll give it overnight and look again in the morning.

#1 – Make a picture or line drawing of your quilt. Pencil in some ideas. Choose one and go for it!

#2 – If what you quilted isn’t exact with your drawing, no worries. No one by you will know you had other ideas. Be kind to yourself!

Counting down to Houston! Two weeks from today my booth will be on its way to being setup! Put Booth #117 on your list of must see!

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Two Tip Tuesday – Finish Line

I’m getting closer to my deadlines, but today I want to share my “finish line”. In working on a project I wanted a checker flag (checker board finish line). I did not have a black and white check, but I did have a black and white stripe that is an even stripe! The stripes are 3/4″, so if I cut 1 1/4″ strips (3/4″ + 1/2″ …1/4″ seam allowance on both sides) and sew them together, I will have created my own checker board fabric. YES!

The steps below is the stripe fabric…

The stripe fabric cut into 1 1/4″ strips…

and the checker board sewn into my project… (note: the left side will eventually have a 1/4″ seam allowance sewn, so all square finish to 3/4″)

No trip to the quilt shop needed, even though I did go to one this week for other items. And a great way to take a fabric and see “what else” I could do with it to get the “final/finished” result I needed!

#1 -Look at fabric in different ways…a stripe can be a checker board!

#2 – Sometimes the math is easy…..a 3/4″ stripe fabric cut into a 1 1/4″ strip resulted in my finish line.

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