Two Tip Tuesday – Paper piecing

The May Designer Block Challenge Remix is the Arkansas Snowflake Block. My fabric pull and design has nothing to do with snowflakes or Arkansas for that matter. However, I’m looking at it as to after the snow and what blooms in Spring! I have not gotten very creative with remixing the block but I have added some bits to the corner. A bit of a trellis look….that Springtime idea!

I love working with my 30’s reproduction fabrics. The freshness of the colors say Spring to me. the first couple photos below are my fabric pull and now I’m on to week 2 and 3 with the Sneak Peeks.

I decided to paper piece this block. I’ve never been a huge fan of paper piecing but it lent itself to making some really nice points of the Arkansas Snowflake Block. First all pieces need to be oversized. You can see by my first corner block that I did not get it oversized enough (shown above with the green diagonal corner block). I’m within and 1/8″ of the outside edge, so I’m going with it.

I do like to use these nice card stock flyers as part of my paper piecing tools. It works well with my Add-a-quarter tool! This flyer just happens to be the AQS Quilt Week for Grand Rapids in August, where I will be vending and teaching (I told you about this last week!)

My progress this far with the block is a bit further than these photos, but I’ll wait for the Reveal next week to show my finished idea!

Paper piecing fabric pieces MUST be oversized! No reason to cut smaller to save fabric, you’ll only have to take it out and resew….a waist of time and a bit frustrating. #1 – OVERSIZE those pieces!

Also when trimming up to add the next pieces, use card stock to fold back the paper. A nice slick flyer is a great asset! #2 – Use card stock to help in trimming up for the next steps in paper piecing. An Add-a-quarter is also a great addition!

Do you get great points when paper piecing….absolutely. Is it my favorite method, not so much. There is also all the paper to remove once the block is finished. But, I’m going with….love those points! And a reason to paper piece.

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Two Tip Tuesday – Class Enrollments OPEN

Today is the start for AQS Grand Rapids class enrollment for AQS members! I’ll be vending and teaching! Below is the AQS promo …. PLUS Quilt Festival in Salt Lake City!!

I’ll be teaching Machine-Sewn Bindings on Wednesday, Aug. 17th from 1-4pm

my lecture Bindings: A World of Options on Thursday, Aug. 18th, 11-12.

Hexie Flower Garden Quilt also on Thursday from 1-4pm

and a second offering of Machine-Sewn Bindings on Friday, Aug. 19th, 8:30-11:30am

Non-Member registration opens May 24th, but you can join AQS for $25 for the year; they will save 20% on every class and get early registration. 

Also today registration opened for QUILTS, INC. Quilt Festival in Salt Lake City!

Done by Three on July 21st, Thursday, 9 – noon

Become a Brilliant Binder, also July 21st, Thursday 2-5pm

Piecing is the Cornerstone on July 22nd, Friday, 9 – noon

I hope you’ll join me at one of these shows. It is exciting to share my love of quilting through teaching.

#1 – Take a class! They are fun and great for learning new techniques and being with like minded friends.

#2 – Most show provide beautiful new sewing machines for hands-on classes. It is a great way to give a machine a try!

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Two Tip Tuesday – Quilt Week Paducah

A long week in Paducah has ended. Three classes and vending at Quilt Week, thank you customers and students! Here is my booth.

The week started with the loss of one my of my dear quilting friends. My heart is heavy and my thoughts scattered. Life can quickly change in a moment. I’m thankful we got to the quilt museum and discussed quilting projects we have been working on. I’m also thankful for family and friends that have been there to support me. Cheryl, you will be dearly missed.

Carol and I set up the booth, I taught classes and we shared quilting stories with many of you. We looked for laughs and had a wonderful moment when a young quilter wore my Winter TreeLand became a hat!

#1 – Look for the positive. #2 – Hug your friends. #3 – Share your love of quilting.

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Two Tip Tuesday – Travel and more travel

It just keeps moving on….and on…..and on! When our daughter-in-law puts a zero on the end of a number and there is a surprise party, WELL, we just had to attend…in Florida. Sitting in the airport waiting to return home, I look at my carry on and smile. It, of course, has camels on it. LOVE my camels and my logo!

With a lot of travel already this year, I always carry a hand project. I believe you have seen this before. Ye,s I’m still carrying my Plaid Grandmother’s Flower Gardens around. And it has been over 20 years in the making. I hope it doesn’t take 20 more to finish. This is made with 1″ Paper Pieces. My mini tackle box is filled with 3/8″ hexies, a more recent project.

My favorite method for small flower gardens. My Hex-a-ma-jigs are my favorite for larger versions!!I’ll be teaching this machine made Flower garden with Hex-a-ma-jig in Paducah in two short weeks! Thus travel and more travel. I hope you’ll come by my booth up on the second floor Booth 3500 to see demos of all my tools. Until then, I’m going to sit and stitch as I wait for my delayed flight.

Tips for travel…

#1 – Handwork projects sure help pass the time. And allows for progress!

#2 – Match your “style”….camels, yes please. Teal…..of course (my purse). What do you travel with? Or never travel without???

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Two Tip Tuesday – Celebrating days and lives

Some days are dis-shelved and that is ok! When you celebrate a big event…like turning 60…and time seems unreal…you feel blessed. Where does time, weeks, years, go? I know this is how life goes, but wow! I am sharing the beautiful flowers my husband sent me to show beauty is all around us. Yes, fabric is my happy but these flowers make me smile!

I’m sharing these to show how nature really has it correct. Pinks come in a HUGE variety of colors. So I’m suggesting we take tips from that.

#1 – Don’t try to be match-y match-y, pull from all shades and hues!

And time….

Well, do what makes you happy. Sit…sew…read…or just be!

#2 – Meet your deadlines to feel a sense of accomplishment, but also be proud you followed through.

Life is short, live your days to their fullest. My guild lost a beautiful quilting friend a few days ago. It has given me pause. She did beautiful handwork and had the best smile and kindness. Her calm of beautiful stitches are her legacy and will be treasured by her family and friends. Find your happy in your quilting journey.

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Two Tip Tuesday – Branson and Remix Reveal

Thank you Branson AQS Show attendees and customers. It was great to be at a show in my “home” state. I had fun in my booth demo-ing, giving a presentation at the Learning Center on Busting a Move on Your Stash and then I was a presenter at the All-Star Review on Friday. A great time! A couple of my booth photos are below.

Wendt Quilting booth Branson 2022

Yesterday was the REVEAL for the Rocky Road to California Block Challenge Remix. I posted over on Instagram my quilt layout. It was great to have an unexpected design with this block. As I mentioned last week I colored the block a bit differently. I used inspiration from a couple antique quilts I found as the direction I went with my layout…on point! My EQ8 (Electric Quilt) program made it easy to look at options and design this quilt. I will be finishing my blocks in the next few days and weeks and show the actual quilt in the homespuns I choose to use. This will be a pattern come summer or fall.

Rocky Road to CA REMIX

by Debbie Wendt

A couple tips from the show.

#1 – Get the showbook and keep track of the booths you want to return to. Some vendors will have show specials listed ­čÖé

#2 – Collect business cards from your favorite vendors.

#3 – Don’t forgo eating and drinking. Most venues have great food areas.

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Two Tip Tuesday – Hello Branson and Remix

My booth for AQS Quilt Week in Branson is set up and ready to go! The show opens tomorrow. I’ll post photos in a couple days. I’m booth #1105. I hope you’ll stop by if you are at the show.

I love visiting with customers about the patterns they have made. Take a look at this very LARGE Tool Box Quilt! I love the brights! Wow oh wow! Well done Sue T. from Iverness, FL!!! Sue stopped by my booth in Daytona Beach and so glad she shared the photo with me. Do you have a quilt you have made with one of my patterns or tools? Please share!!

Sue T’s Tool Box Quilt!!

I’m still working on my blocks for the Rocky Road to California Remix Challenge. I’ll put a picture of one of the blocks. The differences so far… A turn of the center four patch and a change of color placement for the corner four patch. I’m keeping some of this very simple. If you get a chance go look at some of the other designers, WOW, there are some amazing Remix-ing going on! Look on my Instagram post for the designers who took the challenge or check out #rockyroadtocaliforniablockchallenge.

I love a good swirl of the center seams to keep the block laying flatter where the seams come together!

I’m loving the dark background. It is actually a very quick easy block to make. I’ll show more blocks and how it will come together in a quilt next week (or maybe the following week with all the show happenings this week) Don’t be afraid to let the plaids fall where they may. It will be fun the see this all come together.

#1 – change things up….try a dark background.

#2 – As shown above, try giving the center seam a swirl to get a flatter center to the block where several seams come together.

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Two Tip Tuesday on Wednesday

Time flies when another quilt show is around the corner! I’m prepping for AQS Quilt Week in Branson, MO next week. Super excited to be going “home” for this show. Well not quite home, but within 3 hours in my home state!

Also this month is another Quilt Block Challenge Remix. We are looking at the Rocky Road to California quilt block. I have seen several different versions of this block. I’ve decided to pull some of my homespun checks and plaids for this challenge. See my fabric pull below.

The block as it appears in EQ8 is below. As mentioned, I’ve seen different coloring variations. I’m not sure what direction I will take this block and eventually quilt.

Do you pull fabrics from your stash or go buy NEW? I have a huge stash and love revisiting my old favorites. Some of these homespuns have been around for 25 years. Every time I use them, I’m still in love with them. In working with homespuns the first thing I do is pre wash. I will help tighten the weave and shrink before cutting. I also like to starch them, before cutting. The starch will help stiffen the loose weave for ease in cutting at stitching.

To recap…

#1 – Pre wash fabrics. Especially homespuns.

#2 – Starch or Best Press or the new Magic Quilting & Crafting Spray can help stabilize fabric. (I’ll be giving the Magic spray a try on this project.)

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Two Tip Tuesday – Daytona Beach Thank YOU

Yes, I missed another week. On the road again….it is difficult to type when I’m driving and no one wants that! Driving home from Daytona Beach I had time to reflect on the show. Thank YOU to those who attended my Binding lecture, attended the All-Star Review, Learned how to Bust a Move on your Stash at the Learning Center and last but not least, visited my booth! It was fun to see some familiar faces from MA and meet family of friends, even our own family and visit with so many wonderful quilters. I had fun and even got a chance to dip my toes in the ocean.

The Reveal for my 7 x 7 Grid Remix block happened over on Instagram on Feb. 28th. As I may have mentioned, I had an AH HA moment when I was thinking about a 7 x 7 grid. Most Log Cabin blocks are 7 logs across. Actually, a center and three logs on each side. I decided to step it up and make a Cornerstone Log Cabin from my friend, Patricia Cox’s book, Log Cabin Quilts Unlimited – The Ultimate Creative Guide to the Most Popular and Versatile Pattern. Maggi McCormick Gordon is a co-author . The block is below. I’m still making blocks <grin>

When working with flannel I spray starch or use Best Press. Because flannel is thicker, I use a scant seam allowance. I’m looking forward to more sewing time.

Branson, MO is next!! AQS Quilt Week is March 23-26. I’m looking forward to being in my HOME state and seeing family during and after the show. I’m teaching a Learning Center session on Friday at 3, then I’ll also be presenting at the All- Star Review from 5-7. I look forward to seeing you in my booth #1105!

My tips are about quilt show etiquette since shows are beginning to ramp up….When in a booth…

#1 – Please ASK to photo quilts. Some vendors do not allow photos, but those that do really appreciate the simple request. Those who have designed the quilts appreciate the courtesy.

#2 – Many pattern designers are the people working the booth. Let your friend buy the pattern and encourage them to do so. This is how we designers can stay in business and continue to produce new patterns for you.


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Two Tip TWOsday! 2/22/22 Daytona Beach and Shannon Fabrics

Sorry about missing last week. I was deep into prepping and packing for Daytona Beach. So now, one week later….I’m in Daytona Beach for the AQS Quilt Week that starts Wednesday! I’ve got a booth and I’ll be teaching one lecture. I hope you will join me if you are near….or far…teehee!

Next bit of news…. Shannon Fabrics and Teresa Coates, one of their National Educators will be hosting a Facebook Live Event showing how to make my Cuddle┬« Mermaid!! Cupcake Quilts in Texas will be hosting the event! I’m looking forward to joining in LIVE. I brought my Cuddle┬« Mermaid patterns with me if you get inspired! The photos below is a sneak peek of two tails made from some of Shannon Fabrics wonderful Cuddle┬« (the soft yummy “Minky” fabric). Aren’t those stuffed sea animals adorable hangin’ out with my Mermaid?!?

There will be plenty of tips during the event. But a couple of my favorites when working with Cuddle┬«…

#1 – Do NOT move your Cuddle┬« fabric after you cut your shapes. Leave them on the table and vacuum the edges. This will remove most of the flyaway edges. OH, be sure to hold onto those pieces. Vacuum cleaners love to eat them.

#2 – Don’t be afraid of this high pile fabric. Push the pile away from the cut edges and pin, pin, pin. I find it is actually easy to sew.

I love my Cuddle® Orca as well. Fun for all ages!

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