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Two Tip Tuesday – R x R

How many of you are rowing?  No, not a boat…Row by Row!  As I mentioned in my last post, I went on a R x R bus trip.  It was an awesome way to see some shops I had never … Continue reading

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Two Tip Tuesday – more on T-shirt quilts (This didn’t get published last week)

For whatever reason, I didn’t do something correctly last week and this was still sitting as a draft.  Ugh!  I apologize!  So here is the tips that were supposed to come to you last week.  I’m going on a Row … Continue reading

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Two Tip Tuesday – T-shirt Quilts

Around here, school is still in session and graduation parties have begun.  Back in my old stomping ground…the Midwest…graduations have happened and all ages are out of school.  Why do I bring up graduations?  I am a very proud aunt … Continue reading

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