Two Tip Tuesday

Home again! And look at what greeted me! I’m so pleased I get to see full bloom!
Spring Market was wonderful. Great seeing old and new friends in the quilting industry! I got the opportunity to see Patricia Cox of “One of a Kind Designs” (one of my mentors!). You can find her gorgeous appliqué patterns on her website

Let me show you around my booth.

Wendt Quilting booth #1807 Spring Quilt Market

Wendt Quilting booth #1807 Spring Quilt Market

I was under the sea with my new Snuggle Tails! Mermaids and Whale/dolphins. They created quite a SPLASH!! As did the pool noodle coral! Thanks to pinterest for the inspiration and “Scholastic” for the instructions for the coral. I do believe you will see them in several quilt shops this summer. 🙂
Wendt Quilting

Wendt Quilting

The most asked question…”How did you come up with the idea?” Answer: My sister-in-law, Barb, posted a photo of a baby in a crochet tail and said I ought to do something with my tool, and the challenge was on! I created the braid bodies to start, then tried plain fabric for simplicity and a friend, Sue Pelland of Sue Pelland Designs suggested making the clamshells with her new “Hearts and More” templates after seeing the clamshell quilting on the pieced version. After a little brainstorming with my friend, Elisa, to name them and beaming approval from her 9 year old daughter!……Voila! Snuggle Tails!

Great fun for kids of ALL ages! Look for the new patterns on my website in the next couple days.

And HUGE thanks to some willing participants who posed for photo opps in the tails!

Wendt Quilting Snuggle Tails

Wendt Quilting
Snuggle Tails

Several of the tails have Minkee lining. While others have fleece and flannel. When working with Minkee (also spelled Minky) or Cuddle fabric, it sheds when cut.
#1- cut your pieces and take outside and shake your pieces and rub your hand along the cut edges to get rid of the extra fibers.

Did you know I also have free downloadable patterns on my website? #2- check out my free patterns on

In quilting,
Debbie ~ Wendt Quilting

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