Two Tip Tuesday

I doubt that this will make Tuesday, so late tips in the wee hours of Wednesday this week.

Today (I mean yesterday!) I helped a friend make a quilt.  In doing so, several things we did are great tips.

We had a very long border to add…you better believe I measured several times!  (Remember my very first tip, measure twice, cut once!)  When putting any border onto a quilt I mark center and then halfway between the center from both edges.  This helps to be sure nothing scootches (moves as we sew).  When sewing the border on, keep any fullness in between the pins!  That is the reason for marking and pinning in the first place.

The photo below shows us making sure the border is fitting between the pins.  (The pins are a bit hard to see.). We “walked our hands between the pins to help keep the border in place since we we working between some large areas.


#1 – divide both the border and top into equal sections with pins.  Match pins and ease fullness between pins.

By the way, it fit beautifully!

We were adding a pieced border.  The pieced border was made of 2″ finished squares.  We were 1″ long. :(. And we did not want to chop off the extra because our end square would no longer be a square.  We did not pre design this quilt.  We were making it as we went with the look and fabrics we had available.   So, what to do?  My solution is to take in a few seam by 1/16″ – 1/8″.  (Add 1/8″ by eight seams and you have 1″). We took in seams until we had the correct length!!  By taking in several seams, the eye will see squares.  It is doubtful when the quilt is done and quilted that you will see the slight variation.  AND the border “reads” as  squares!

Below is the little bit we took in on many of the seams.  Some we took in 1/8″ and others just a thread width.  Over the entire length of 40+ squares it is not noticeable!


#2 – you can make slight adjustments in seam width to make things fit.









BUT…..This can work as a disadvantage when piecing regular blocks.   An 1/8″ over several seams add up!!!  And that is why we stress 1/4″ seams or scant 1/4″ seams!

in quilting,

Debbie.  – Wendt Quilting


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