Two Tip Tuesday

Yay, sunny South Florida!  And where might you be for this Thanksgiving?


We enjoy our annual trip to see my husbands kids and the grand kids!  Time marches right along and everyone has grown into responsible adults and students.  Life is good and we are thankful for all of our families!

When I travel, I always take along a sewing project.  Usually it is handwork, but our daughter-in-law has this cute little machine that I get to borrow while I’m here.


We got it for her a number of years ago.  She loves to make aprons.  (I haven’t converted her to a quilter, YET!). She loves to bake so that takes up her spare time. Check out her blog.  ( We are spoiled with her yummy baked treats and cooking….!

But, back to the quilting…

There was a method to my “madness” of getting her the machine.  I have a machine to use while I am here!  I had forgotten what a true “gem” this little machine is.  I also have a featherweight at my parent’s house!  Do you travel with a machine?  Or only take handwork?  Or nothing at all?

#1 – Ziplock bags are wonderful for carrying projects!

I precut all of my pieces for a purse I have been wanting to make.  I precut all the bits and they fit nicely in one bag.  The second project is for my Snuggle Tails Mermaid class.   That is Sue Pelland’s Hearts and More templates that I will be using to cut the clamshells for one of my tail samples.










Back to the little sewing machine…

#2-If you can afford a second (or third, or fourth, …or tenth) little machine for travel, get one!

They are lightweight and easy to take along.  Most have their own carry case.  And word to the wise, don’t just buy a cheap machine.  Find one that suits your needs and has the stitches you want (if you want more than a straight stitch).  Most well know brands have a little travel machine!

in quilting,


P.S.  I made my yearly stop at Stitch Craft Creative Quilting and Sewing in Boca Raton.  GREAT shop!  If you are in the area stop by!

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2 Responses to Two Tip Tuesday

  1. Susan says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Debbie!!

  2. alwayzbakin says:

    Thanks Debbie! We love having you all! Awesome tips. Love my ziploc bags. ;-D I wish I had more time to sew!

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