Two Tip Tuesday

After the show…Thank you Daytona Beach!  I really enjoyed the show and appreciate my customers.  Several shared photos of quilts they made with my patterns.  It was great to see!  Look at Twirl-A-Tool in a teal color scheme.  And Diamond Tipped Tools mixed with solid blocks.  Awesome!

Twirl-A-Tool by Loretta

Twirl-A-Tool by Loretta

Diamond Tipped by Cheryl

Diamond Tipped Tools by Cheryl










I spent a couple days playing in Orlando.  Can you say Disney?!  As I was walking through Magic Kingdom and Epcot, the colors, sounds and sights bring magical memories of childhood books, stories and favorite movies.  I was a kid again!

My favorite as a kid, Swiss Family Robinson Tree House.








As a quilter, I’m always finding awesome patterns.  In landscaping, tile floors, benches and even manhole covers and drain grates.  Loving all these patterns!



Bench at Epcot

Bench at Epcot















Manhole cover at Magic Kingdom










Shadow over drain grate.

Shadow over drain grate.







#1 – Look for quilting inspiration in your surroundings.  Even at Disney!

Magical color at Magic Kingdom!

Magical color at Magic Kingdom!

#2 – Pick color schemes that are magical to YOU!

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2 Responses to Two Tip Tuesday

  1. Susan says:

    Disney brings out the child in all of us…. Ah…to be young!!!! Patterns are inspiring!
    Thanks, Debbie!

  2. Carol V. says:

    The sky is my favorite inspiration! The color (whether dull gray or magnificent blue) and patterns of the clouds or a sunset is always exciting.

    Love the pics from the happiest place on earth. 😃

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