Two Tip Tuesday

…on the road again

Niagara Falls

I love Niagara Falls

We made a little detour to Niagara Falls, so amazing to see and hear the power of the water!  And another stop at Church Hill Downs for another photo opportunity.


Tile floor at Churchill Downs

Tile floor at Churchill Downs

Where do you get your inspiration?  With all the wonderful cell phone cameras it is convenient to snap a picture for quilt inspiration.

#1 – Tile floors are great patterns for quilt blocks, layouts and quilting designs.




Store front in Paducah

Store front in Paducah

….and now in Paducah!!  We are here and the booth is set up and ready for the start of AQS Quilt Week.  You can find me in the same booth as last year, #4403, in the Pavilion.  However, the Pavilion (or bubble, as I call it) has been moved to a new spot just down the road.  It is easy to walk a block from the Convention Center or hop on the trolley.      Come by and see my new patterns, tool patterns, and favorite Snuggle Tails!  I have an AQS member special.

We took a quick look at the Rotary Quilt Show.  “Quilts: Patriotc and Presidential”.  Wonderful!!  Here was one of my favorites.

Mariner's Compass c.1850

Mariner’s Compass c.1850

The Presidental Quilts were VERY well done.   Sue Reich is the curator.  The president I learned a lot about growing up in Missouri…Harry S. Truman.

made by Cindy DeLong, Springfield, MO

made by Cindy DeLong, Springfield, MO










#2- look to old quilts for amazing fabric choices…not everything has to be matchy, matchy!

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