Two Tip Tuesday – Sightseeing delay

Hi quilting friends.  Summertime in New Englad is now upon us!  I was out sightseeing yesterday with limited internet access on the ferry to Nantucket.  But look at the view…

Nantucket Bay

Nantucket Bay

My sister was visiting from Missouri and we had an awesome trip to Nantucket!  Those amazing colors of the photo above would make a great start of a quilt (previous tip on using nature for inspiration!)  and my mom pointed out the match of hat to sky, shirt to sea and shorts to sand.  LOVE it, and unplanned.

My inspiration this week comes from a visit to “The Breakers” in Rhode Island.  Everywhere I looked in the mansion of the Vanderbilts, I saw quilting patterns.  Both piecing and quilting!  From floor…


Wood parquet in “the Breakers”


Marble floor in “the Breakers”


Tile floor on balcony of “the Breakers”

















to ceiling…








to things in between…

Woodwork in "The Breakers"

Woodwork in “The Breakers”

Beautiful window treatments!

Beautiful window treatments!

#1- Simple parts make amazing designs!

#2- look to outside crafts for inspiration!  (Tile work, wood work, stained glass patterns, even draperies!)

in quilting,



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3 Responses to Two Tip Tuesday – Sightseeing delay

  1. Ali says:

    Have a fabulous time!!!

  2. Susan says:

    Only a true quilter would see patterns in the home…while I’d see dusting and cleaning the huge house. Thanks Debbie!

  3. quiltingwithpurposeprocesspleasure says:

    Lovely quilting patterns. Thanks for sharing!

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