Two Tip Tuesday – Playing with prints

I just love a fabric that I can see many different “designs” in.  I’ve been working on some Tiny houses for samples for my mini class at Pinwheels and Friends in November.   I’ve been choosing brights!  I love Kaffe Fassett’s colors and large prints!  They provide so many options when looking for designs that can have “double meaning” ( for lack of better words).  When looking at the fabric below, sure you see flowers, but what else?  How about roof tiles?!?

Kaffe Fassett's fabric

Kaffe Fassett’s fabric

and here is the roof!

Tiny house! D.W.

Tiny house! D.W.

Tiny House 2 D.W.









And…a lamp or plant in the window!  You decide. 😉

Check out the door on the second house.  One of the dots is a door knob.






Many years ago, I enjoyed working on appliqué because you could take shapes in fabric and use them for something completely different.  For example, a swirl could be a flower petal, or a bird’s wing or a camel’s mouth.  How fun!

#1- Find hidden designs in ordinary and/or extraordinary fabrics!

#2- Who ever said a house couldn’t be polka dots?!?  Pick fabrics YOU LOVE!

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