Two Tip Tuesday on Wednesday…again

Hi there!  I have loads of excuses for not posting yesterday.  Mainly…..I was travelling (flying) home and the day before I drove 14 hours from Houston to KC.  Long haul, but I did it.  Why the rush?  I am now in Sturbridge for Pinwheels and Friends Quilt Show Event.  I am really excited about this show!  It is a shop hop of sorts for attendees, we have loads of awesome mini classes and there is even a “quilt-cation” as well.  The hop, included in your admission, even has a quilt steps to collect for a pattern.   Don’t forget to vote for your favorite vendor quilt.  I am sponsoring the “Best of Show Vendor Quilt”.  Spend some time studying the amazing quilts in the booths!  YES!  Vendors quilt too!


My corner booth is set up and ready for the opening tomorrow at 10.

Wendt Quilting booth at Pinwheels and Friends

Wendt Quilting booth at
Pinwheels and Friends







The mini classes I’m teaching are below.  There are still a few openings, so come on out to Sturbridge!  The Tiny World has a 3″ finished little house.

Bindings by Machine Journal Cover

Bindings by Machine
Journal Cover

Tiny World!  D.W.

Tiny World! D.W.









#1 – Check out all the events when attending a quilt show!  The Pinwheels and Friends has awesome mini classes!

#2- When attending a show, ALWAYS ask to photo vendor quilts!  Most quilts are original designs and are the cover quilts of quilt patterns.

Thanks!  And hope to see you at the show!

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