Two Tip Tuesday – Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving week is a good time to thank you for following my blog!  I appreciate the support and feedback I’ve received.  Small business Saturday is coming!  As my thank you to you, use code THANKS, for a 20% discount!!  Good from Thursday Gooble noon through Sunday midnight, EST.  Orders will be processed on cyber Monday.  Support small businesses!

My new R-W-B Boise pattern will be available Dec. 1.  See the cover quilt below.

R-W-B Boise

R-W-B Boise

…and how about another color option?!

R-W-B Boise in alternate color!

R-W-B Boise in alternate color!

I was thrilled to find fabrics to match a wide back that is one of my favorites from Sew Batik.  In quilting the “Sea Glass” quilt, the panto I originally chose was going to take longer than time I had.  So instead of unpicking while the quilt was on the longarm, I changed the panto and started quilting over the quilting I had previously quilted.  The time it would have taken to unpick my original quilting would have been hours.  Usually just a few minutes of quilting will take 10 times as long to take out.  It is easier to unpick once the quilt is off the frame!  Below is a picture of some of quilting lines I’m unpicking.  Yes, that is Henna on my arm.  A fun thing to do when in sunny Florida!

R-W-B Boise pattern w/ "Sea Glass" coloring Extra quilting to unpick.

R-W-B Boise pattern w/ “Sea Glass” coloring
Extra quilting to unpick.

#1 – If you need to unpick quilting, do it later.  Go ahead and quilt the new design over the top.

#2 – support small business Saturday!  See first paragraph for my special thanks for YOU!

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