Two Tip Tuesday – blew right past

Good morning to many and evening to my friends across the pond and around the world.  This Tuesday blew right past me.  I got back from the “Babes on the Beach” on what should have been Sunday evening but turned into Monday morning.  All the weather that went through the south effected flights all over!  I even spent time taking precautionary shelter in a ladies room at Orlando airport because of a tornado warning.  Crazy!  And even crazier that many were still standing in line at Starbucks during the warning period!  I met a lovely mom and her two daughters from Rhode Island during the warning and our extended wait for our flight to TF Green.  Being a Midwest girl, I don’t mess around when there is a warning…take shelter!!

This was on the heels of an absolutely wonderful time with the “Babes on the Beach” retreaters.  We got to take a break after our welcoming dinner and before my trunk show to watch a rocket launch from Cape Canaveral!  Awesome to see it move across the sky.  Unfortunately, I hit the wrong button and only got smidgeons of video of the launch.  But look at this amazing sunset the next day!

Florida Sunset

Florida Sunset






the “Babes” worked tirelessly on there “Twirl-A-Tool” blocks…and YES…even a quilt top finished!!!  Nicely done LeighAnn!!!  Her progress below!

Twirl-A-Tool chain piecing the blocks

Twirl-A-Tool chain piecing the blocks

image image











I sooooo enjoyed my time with Ellen and her husband, Mark, from Sew Central Sew Central of Merritt Island, FL.  Ellen put on a fantastic retreat!  If you are ever in the Orlando area, take the drive to Merritt Island to the shop…beautiful fabric and excellent customer service!

I’m im going to leave you with a couple tips from the weekend…..

#1- take photos of your work!  So many times we get wrapped up in the doing, we forget to stop and document the progress.

#2- I’ve said it before, but will again….go take classes and attend quilt functions…I witnessed several friendship happen this weekend.  Several came alone to the retreat, others came with a friend or two….and we all left with new friendships from quilters from all over!!

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1 Response to Two Tip Tuesday – blew right past

  1. Susan says:

    As Debbie says…go to retreats and you’ll make new friends to talk with and share ideas. I come back home so energized that I can’t wait to go to my meeting to share. Unfortunately, I’m not a quilter. I’m Debbie’s aunt….but I total get what she is tellling y’all🤗

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