Two Tip Tuesday

A change in my block….

I decided to change up my tree in my “Won’t You Be…” Block Stock block.  It is below.

"Won't You Be..." D.W.

“Won’t You Be…” D.W.

I like my new tree.  I hope you do too!  I believe there is a tip there…

#1- if something just isn’t working for you, change it up!

Order on my website or make a purchase from me at a show and you will receive the free pattern.



I spent Saturday at a charity workshop for one of the guilds I belong to.  It was a good day sewing with quilting friends!  We made hearts, baby dolls and lap quilts.  This is the lap quilt I finished.   Someone else made the top, I quilted it and did a back to front binding.









The dolls are given to local hospitals for kids having procedures done.  It is a buddy for the child and the doctors/surgeons use the doll to show what will be done during their surgery.  The dolls are even dressed in a “Johnny”.  The photo below are bags of dolls on their way to meet their friends!

Dolls for Kids

Dolls for Kids







One quilting friend, was working on blocks and organizing for putting her blocks together.  I snapped a photo…

Jane's snowball blocks

Jane’s snowball blocks

She overlapped the blocks in their rows to make it easier to see the order.  (Tip #2)  And she slid a small cutting mat under them to transfer them next to her machine.  (Tip #3)  They are in line and ready to sew!  Thanks Jane for letting me snap a photo of your beautiful work!


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