Two Tip Tuesday – Kits and Books

Show season is well underway.  So my question to you… Do you buy kits at Quilt Shows?  I truly want to know your honest answers.  If you give me your thoughts  in the comments, I will enter you into a drawing for a kit of fabrics and pattern for the “Four” Dinner placemats!

my second request…

Do you still buy books?  Or do you prefer picking up patterns?  Or do like buying patterns online and downloading the pdf’s?

I enjoy talking with quilters at shows.  I love hearing about your successes and answering questions.  I, too, have questions and looking for your thoughts.  As the quilting industry moves and changes so does your quilting habits.

#1- Talk to quilt show vendors.

#2- Talk to quilt shop owners.

They cannot read your mind and if you have requests, they are sure to listen!  Did you know they will special order for you?

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5 Responses to Two Tip Tuesday – Kits and Books

  1. Linda Locwin says:

    Yes, I have started buying a few quilt kits. It is not the same though, as picking out special fabrics for quilt paterns. There is always that special fabric that is a “must” have.

    As far as books, I have a library of books and I always look through them. I am not buying any more books at the present time.

  2. debbiewendt says:

    Thank you Linda! I appreciate your comments! D.

  3. Becky says:

    Hi Debbie, I love kits! I still buy and love books. I have downloaded patterns but always end up printing them. I need to have that pattern in my hand!!

  4. debbiewendt says:

    Linda and Becky, you both win! Thank you for your comments! I’ll be in touch!

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