Two Tip Tuesday – perp and Block Stock

Patterns, tools and product are lined up to be packed into the Suburban.  Wheels roll on Saturday for Paducah!!  Take a look at my new “little” favorite scissors.  They are called Super Snips with blades only 3/4″!  They are part of the lineup for Paducah.  At only $2.79 they will go fast.  Look for them on my website after Paducah.  Or come purchase a pair in my booth #3506!!

I will be the featured speaker at the Farmington Valley Quilt Guild in Connecticut tomorrow.  The topic is “Bindings –  A World of Options”.  The workshop on Thursday is “Finishing School”.  I have a notebook full of samples they will be learning!  In getting their kits ready, I needed to cut some bindings and a bunch of quilted fabric.  Look at my mat from cutting the Cuddle kits….

It needs a cleaning.  A couple of ways to “pull” the fibers from the mat is a wad of tape.






Or a piece of batting also works great.  Swirl the tape or batting around the fibers that are stuck in the mat and “wa-la”…no more fibers!








#1- Use tape or batting to remove fibers stuck in the cuts of your mat.

#2 – Keep you mat clean.  It saves fibers getting pushed further into it.  For really stubborn fibers, try a damp paper towel.  It is best to use a circular motion.


The Block Stock Hop will be coming to an end on April 30.  Be sure to visit the participating shops and designers!  Shop with them (or me, hint, hint) and receive a free block pattern.  Each shop/designer also has a wonderful giveaway at the end.  Check out for complete details!!

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