Two Tip Tuesday – thanks Paducah

It was GREAT to be in Paducah last week!  Thank you to all who stopped, visited and shopped!  I loved seeing friends, former students, sharing quilt photos and stories.  We had lots of laughs in my booth.  Even discussion on local wine, (teehee).  Check out Purple Toad Winery.  I’ve yet to get there but  have heard and tasted good things!

I did manage to get to Handcock’s of Paducah.  I love all the fabric they carry.  My favorite purchase was not any new items but old.  Take a look at this pillowcase.  Great appliqué inspiration!







Also, I got a couple pics of antique quilts.  First, a lone star and I love how they changed fabrics in the same position.  Still the same colors but completely different fabric.  Love that kind of inspiration!  The second is a Hexagon with back to front binding.  Great plaid backing!

#1- Use antique quilts for inspiration!

#2- Do you have an antique quilt that needs to be cleaned?  Be very gentle!  Try soaking in bath tub, spin out water in washing machine (no washing or agitation!  Just spin.) and lay flat on clean white sheet to dry.

Block Stock has come to a close.  I’ll announce my prize package winner next week.  Thank you to all who made a purchase during the Block Stock Hop!  I look forward to next year’s hop!!

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