Two Tip Tuesday – snow/no go

Well, the workshop did not happen on Saturday.  Bummer!  But better safe then to have us out in the thick of the snowfall.  So, I don’t have any photos to show you of the NYB Tie Pillows.  We will be rescheduling.  Stay tuned for photos after the workshop happens!

So, what do I talk about today?  How about last minute homemade gifts?!?  My Jewish friends begin lighting the Hanukkah lights and we are two weeks away from the big guy in red and celebrating the birth of Jesus.  I encourage you to look at my website for some free patterns.  The quickest and easiest is the Hotdog Pillow Case.  One pillow case takes 3/4 yard main fabric, 1/3 yard for cuff and 2″ strip for trim.  Hot Dog Pillow Case

Christmas favorites pillowcase fabrics







Or Easy Placemats…Checkout a previous post on Dec. 23, 2015 for detailed instructions!   Leave out the batting, make them square and you have napkins using the same finishing technique.

Double sided napkins. D.W.
Back to front technique









How about a quick scarf?  Take 2 yards of a yarn dyed flannel, cut 10″- 20″ by the length (10″-20″ x 72″).  Hem all four edges and you are done!  Or hem the long edges and fringe the short ends.  Two to four scarves from 2 yards of flannel!!  (If the fabric is 60″ wide, even more!)  See photo below for a 20″ x 72″ quick scarf I made.

Yarn Dyed Flannel Scarf D.W.

#1 – Yarn dyed flannel is woven, not printed.  Fabric is the same on the right and wrong side!

20″ was a bit wide but oh so warm!



Have more time?  How about making a Snuggle Tail?!  The Mermaid and Whale/Dolphin pattern is on the website, only $10 each.  Or use your Brilliant Bindings tool to make a Ribbon Pillow or Braid Quilt (see free patterns on my website).

Whatever you do, ENJOY!  Don’t burn the midnight oil like I so often did in the past.

#2 – Enjoy your Holiday sewing!!

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