Two Tip Tuesday – Teal Mini Swap

The Teal Mini Swap is underway and about done for another year.  Great turnout of 650 raising $6500 for ovarian caner research.  A great project put together by Beth Helfter.  This is my third year to participate.  I was a lucky girl as I was paired with someone I knew!  Kathleen Lamansky was my swap partner.  She made me a great mug rug and an awesome rope bowl.  I love them both!

All our loot!







I also made her a mug rug.  She likes brights, and is a lefty…can you tell by how I made the mug?!?  The mug fabric was the required teal that was given to us and had to be used in the mini.

Another successful year and all for a great cause!  Thanks to Beth for the event.  I’ll be sure to post next year when signups begin again.

#1- Have fun in a quilting related  event!

I kept the quilting on the mug rug I made simple.  Background straight lines are a great way to add texture and is so easy using your walking foot.  I did outline the bird, cup, hearts and I followed some of the lines of the fabric on the cup.

#2 – Try some straight line quilting.  Keeps in modern and adds texture!

in quilting,


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