Two Tip Tuesday – Go Bag

What is in your Go Bag? I’m prepping for a class on Saturday and I’ve been gathering things I want to be sure I have to demo. So, I thought, I’ll share! I’ve talked about my hand sewing box but what about some of the things that go with me to class.

Flat Mat Bag

First, I always take my “Flat Mat Bag” (pattern is available on my website).  It holds my 18″ x 24″ mat and 24″ ruler and a lot more, including my Go Bag of notions.  I usually have more things than I need, but better to have them, just in case.  A look inside of what I usually carry…

My Go Bag

Go Bag contents









My small rotary cutter is easy to protect in an oils cardboard tube.  I was excited to find that it fit in the tube.  A good way to protect the blade and everything around it.

#1 – Use a cardboard tube to protect your rotary cutter/blade.

Cardboard tube for cutter











#2 – Keep notions together so they are easy to find and grab to put in your Go Bag.

Saturday will be a Hex-a-ma-jig class with one of my local guilds, BVHQ.  Blackstone Valley Heritage Quilters.  I’m excited to teach this class on my tool!  We’ll be cutting Hexies and creating a Hexie quilt of their choice from one of the quilts in the instruction booklet included with the tool.

Last weekend I participated in Tree for Hope in Upton, MA.  Proceeds to Charity!  Below is the tree I made.  “Ties” to Christmas Past!  A special thanks to Shari for passing the ties on to me.

“Ties” to Christmas Past

in quilting,


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  1. Carolyn Reece says:

    Hope you have a good class…looks like you are organized! Mom.

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