Two Tip Tuesday – Hmmm, What to Work On?

As the title suggests, what do I tackle first? I have so many ideas and projects, I need my word from last year, FOCUS! I think I might try to finish up some unfinished quilts from last year. I even have a new pattern that is almost written but it needs the cover quilts quilted. Yep, that should be first!

Do you ever get in a quandary of what to work on?  I believe that is what I do best.  As a dear friend once said to me, not all you started has to be finished.  Shew!  Good thing around here.  She also said, You learn something with just starting a project.  Sometimes just picking fabrics is all you needed to do with that project.  (She, is a VERY SMART friend!!  Hi Barbara!)  No matter what I’m doing in quilting I enjoy the process.  I’d enjoy it even better if it was done….wink, wink!  So, with that, I need to get started on my lists.

#1 – Make lists of what you need/want to finish.  Cross off when complete.  That is such a GOOD feeling!

I’m planning on bringing out the quilt I talked about above for Spring Market.  This one is back to using Brilliant Bindings as the template for cutting the trapezoid shapes.  I’ll be posting in the next few weeks peeks at the quilt.  Stay tuned for the pattern release (you’ll be the first to know!).

I had a great surprise by text a couple days ago.  My Aunt Jody made a quilt from one of my Brilliant patterns.  She did Brilliant Swirl with a change of coloring.  Instead of using all one color family she used two.  The contrast really gives this quilt a different look.  I LOVE it!  Her version is below left, then mine.  The pattern is available on my website.  Brilliant Swirl

Brilliant Swirl by Jody S.
My aunt does excellent work!

Brilliant Swirl D.W.
A portion of the quilt









#2 – Change a blocks coloring.  You might be surprised what outcome you get!  Case in point above!

Have you made any quilts lately with my patterns?  Please send me photos!  I’d love to feature your quilt here on my blog.  Now off to cross something off my list….

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