Two Tip Tuesday – colder and still cold

Many of us are in a deep freeze. Those of you in warmer weather, ENJOY! I’m looking forward to the AQS Daytona Beach Quilt Show the end of next month. It will be good to be in the sunshine with short sleeves. Here in New England, we have sun today but brrrr! It was 10 degrees when I left the house this morning.  Snow and sleet had me slowblowing my driveway a couple days ago.  If I had to be out in it, how about making quilting designs!  I shared this on Facebook so some of you saw it already.  But, worth repeating!  I thought about doing the whole driveway, but the cold (1 degree that day) sent me inside as soon as I finished.

Clam shells in the snow!








On the quilting front…

I’m working on a challenge for one of my guilds.  I started cutting full Hexies with Hex-a-ma-jig and ended up short on fabric.  (We swapped 1 yard, so I had limited fabric.)  I wanted just a few more Hexies so, with the extra fabric, I pieced the leftovers and cut a few more!

Full Hexies cut with Hex-a-ma-jig

Can you see the seams?








Now can you?

Hexie using pieced leftovers

Hexie with pieced leftovers









I felt very fortunate the leftovers matched up so well.  Is it perfect?  NO!  Will it work?  YES!  I took the first photo from about 3 foot away and it is very hard to see my seams from that distance.  No stressing here, it got me the number of Hexies I needed!  (And shhhh, don’t tell any BVHQ member, the reveal is later in the year.)

#1 – Piece together leftovers to make a larger scrap to cut more!

#2 – Match if you can.  If it doesn’t match, oh well.  Use it anyway!

Look at the antique quilts, I bet there will be many pieced together spots.  We like it on the antiques, so why not on yours?!?

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