Two Tip Tuesday -Twirls!

Did you know I travel to give lectures and teach? I DO!! Yesterday, I gave a lecture/trunk show on the Egyptian Tentmaker’s Applique for QUILT North guild in Clifton Park, NY. Today, I taught “Twirl-A-Tool” Workshop using “Brilliant Bindings” as a cutting template.” I do believe FUN was had by all! Photos below! Most of the students got 2-3 blocks finished in class and a faux piped binding put on a small quilted sample.

“Twirl-A-Tool” Workshop with QUILT North in NY







The quilted sample just had to have a camel and pyramid on it!

Faux Piped Binding Sample
YES, a camel!!








It was a great group and I, too, had FUN!  If you are looking for a speaker or teacher for your guild, please keep me in mind.  I have bags and will travel!

Some tips we discussed in class…what do you do when your teacher didn’t triple check your work and had you cut wrong??…She takes off your entire binding so you can start again.  I do know how to use a seam ripper and I’m happy to help.  A nice fine point seam ripper is my preference.

#1 – The seam ripper has many parts…

A fine point for lifting the stitch, the ball helps protect the fabric and the U-shape blade between the point and ball is where you cut the stitch.  Don’t just pull at the stitch, slide the thread down the blade so the stitch is cut with the U-shape blade.  Otherwise, you are plucking at the stitches, not cutting them.

#2- If you get frustrated, hand your piece to someone else.  I’m guessing they will happily help you rip out some stitches.  And my “rule”…I’m not ripping more that three times, it can stay in.  You are likely to starting ripping apart your fabric.

On another note, look at all the wonderful blocks that were made in class.  I’m very proud of the work that was accomplished today!!

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