Two Tip Tuesday – More Hexies!

I attended a Getaway this past weekend. I love the chance to work on projects with like minded people. First up, the binding on my lap size Baby Blocks quilt. I showed the quilt previously asking for border opinions. The final decision was to add a little border of the surrounding brown fabric and be done. It didn’t need anymore and since I was out of the brown fabric, decision made!  (Note: it is laying on a brownish carpet, only a small brown border was added.)

Hex-a-ma-jig Baby Blocks D.W.

#1 – Go with your gut! I just wasn’t happy with using my inspiration fabric in the border, some quilts don’t need a giant border. Let it talk to you and be done!  BTW, the inspiration fabric was used as part of the pieced backing.



Several student’s quilts from the Hex-a-ma-jig workshop about a month ago showed up at the Getaway.  Another super job by Kathleen L. and her Hexie quilt is DONE!  I love how the brights sing!

Two Halves Make a Whole by Kathleen L.








I started another Hexie quilt, but this time a using Hex-a-ma-jig to cut FULL hexies and triangles.  I used triangles between the full hexies so I did not have any set-in “Y” seams.  It was quick and easy with the large full hexies and I got it pieced together!  It sure helped to use my portable design wall.

Full Hexies D.W.








Here is a start Priscilla’s flannel version using full hexies and triangles.  LOVE those plaid flannels!  This design really shows off the fabrics.  I also love how she used the black at the edges to float the hexies.  She borrowed the use of my portable design wall<grin>.  Bonus idea…the repurposed creamer bottle on the floor was used for water for the iron!

Full Hexies by Priscilla M.

#2- A Portable design wall is great for Getaways (or Retreats or Workshops).  Much easier than working on the floor.

The Portable Design Wall is now sold by Off The Wall Quilt.  I like how they easily fold up and have their own carry bag.

Nancy used a flannel backed table cloth on the floor for her design “wall”.  It also works great as you can roll it up and keep everything in place.  Her Christmas Two Halves Make a Whole quilt is awesome.  That is ONE jelly roll cut with Hex-a-ma-jig Jr.!!  (The layout for this quilt is in the instruction booklet that comes with the tool.  There is also a free pattern on my website with more detailed instructions for cutting, piecing and making the quilt.)

Two Halves Make a Whole by Nancy B.

I’m loving all the quilts using both versions of Hex-a-ma-jig!!  It is great to have a quilty tribe!!!

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4 Responses to Two Tip Tuesday – More Hexies!

  1. Cathy H says:

    I love the full Hexie with the triangles.

  2. Evelyn says:


    What is a hex-a-ma-jig? Love your posts! Evelyn

    Sent from my iPad


    • debbiewendt says:

      Hi Evelyn, A Hex-a-ma-jig is a new tool I designed last year. It uses 3 1/2″ strips. The Hex-a-ma-jig Jr. is a smaller version using 2 1/2″ strips. You can find both on my website (

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