Two Tip Tuesday – After a Cruise

I missed last week because I was on an Alaskan Cruise. It was amazing! The air, the water, the mountains, the glaciers, the wildlife, the small communities…ALL so very impressive and a true pleasure to experience. We were on the Bliss by Norwegian. HUGE, not a fan of huge ships after this, but quite the experience. My favorite two photos are below. Seeing a glacier calve, watching a whale and all the eagles in Juneau.

Margerie Glacier

Whale Fluke!!! We got to see her several times!!!










A little plug for a local company, Alaska Travel Adventures!  A high school friend works for them and we were VERY impressed with the tours we did with them.  I highly recommend them!!

Bringing this back to quilting, I went to a wonderful quilt shop in Skagway, AK.  I spent a few hours ahead of time looking at all they had online.  I was hoping to not be overwhelmed when I got to the shop, as I only had less than 30 minutes to shop.  Great Alaska theme fabrics and kits!!!  I came home with several!  Rushin’ Tailor is the name of the shop.  If you want Alaskan themed fabrics, they have a wonderful selection!

#1- Visit quilt shops when you travel (I know I’ve said this before, but it is a great way to get local treasures!)

I could go on and on about Alaska, but I’ll refrain.  It was truly a dream come true to go!  It was wonderful sharing it with some of our Wendt Family that did the trip with us!!

Seals, eagle and great color inspiration!

I usually talk about “go” projects when I travel.  Can you believe I didn’t take one thing with me?!?  I just spent money on future projects.  And that was fine with me.  I added a few more grays from a couple shops in NW Washington State while taking  a side visit to see my aunt and Reece cousins.  More treasures to remember the trip!!

#2 – Sometimes memories can be made in purchasing fabric for those future quilts.  I hope to show results in a few months.

in quilting,


P.S. Checkout my Snuggle Tails Whale/Dolphin pattern on!!



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  1. Carolyn Reece says:

    Love your choice of pictures; your write up is so very good. Love reading your Two Tip.XO

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