Two Tip Tuesday – two weeks gone by

I do not know where time goes some days. It has been two weeks since I did Two Tips. I can’t believe it. Sad but true, those weeks are gone and away we go into July! So what is happening with your summer? Are you working on a project or playing outside. I’m driving south today and boy is it HOT! We haven’t had this heat yet in New England. My Suburban is doing well and just turned another big number.

Good milage! Wendt Quilting on the road!




What will you do to beat the summer heat? I’ve heard many say they don’t quilt in the summer, but work in the garden or outside. Nope, not me! Bugs love me and I don’t take any chances to give them a reason to jump on me. I’ll stay inside where I can stay cool in my basement and sew. It is humid at the moment, so I may have to move upstairs in front of one of the AC units!

Speaking of heat…Did you know it is not good for your sewing machine to sit in a hot car? Getting it from point A to point B, it will be fine, but NO extended periods of time in the heat (or cold). Tip #1!!

My next project is designing a block and quilt for the Houston Festival Block Hop.  I’ll be doing it again this year!  I can’t reveal any of the details of the blocks, but here is a sneak peek.  I’m not happy with the contrast of the block.

Enough contrast? D.W.

What would you do?  Scrap it or keep going?  I’ll let you know next week what I decide.  Tip #2 – Sometimes a taking a step back and rethinking is the best thing to do.

in quilting,


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