Two Tip Tuesday – Ouch!

So, I begin my tips today with what NOT to do!!!

Warning: this is not for weak stomach, no worries, no blood!

Yep, that would be my thumb. I think I’ve only done this one other time in my 40+ years of sewing. Thank goodness it didn’t go all the way through, only grazed the end of the thumb. Well, it did go through the nail.

Needle through thumbnail

#1 – Always know where your fingers are when sewing!

I never, well until the other night, have my thumb close to the needle. It is always in front of the presser foot. I have no clue what happened, it just happened!

Onto a tip of DO not don’t!

When Squaring a block, be sure it is centered! I teach squaring a block in many of my classes. There are several things to check before you put your cutter to fabric. The photo shows one tip…
know the center measurement of your block. Find the center of the block and place the center measurement on that center point.

Then square around all four sides of the block. It might be necessary to square two sides, rotate the ruler and square the opposite two sides.

#2- Find the center measurement of the block and place it on the center of the block.

If I have a number of blocks with the same measurement, I will draw a circle around the center measurement.  This way my eye goes straight to the middle and it is easier to locate on the ruler.  I use a sharpie to mark center.  It comes off easily with an alcohol wipe!

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