Two Tip Tuesday – Hexies and Hello Grand Rapids

Well, a two day drive and two day set up and ready for a four day show. Hello Grand Rapids!!! I’ll be teaching three classes, only one spot left in Twirl-A-Tool. Brilliant Bindings and Hexies and Honeycombs are both sold out!! I’m one happy girl and can’t wait for the show to open. I’m in booth #1021. Come by and say HI! Cheryl and I will be doing demos on Brilliant Bindings and Hex-a-ma-jig and Jr! I managed to get 30+ quilts up in the booth. Loads of eye candy and the tools and patterns to make them!
I’ll post pictures in the next couple days of the booth.

I received a wonderful photo of a Hexie tablerunner from a happy customer!  Sally Cottrell of All Occasions Quilting in Timberlake, NC made this beautiful tablerunner for her new table.  I LOVE it!!  She used Hex-a-ma-jig (Two Halves make a Whole) and these wonderful fall fabrics leftover from another project.  Thank you for sharing Sally!

Hexie Tablerunner by Sally C.





Tips are short and sweet today…
Sweet…#1- pack snacks! Chocolate is preferred and share with your quilty friends!
Short…#2- Don’t be short in cutting strips! Double check that you are straight (at right angles to the fold) when cutting strips for NO “V” cuts. I check to see that I am straight about every fourth or fifth cut.

Straight Cuts!

Check that the fold in at right
angles to the ruler lines!

The strips I cut are for my Brilliant Bindings class, no “V” cuts allowed!

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