Two Tip Tuesday – Maine Getaway

I was in Maine at my Thimble Pleasures Guild’s Getaway this past weekend. I had a wonderful time and got a LOT of piecing done! We were in Kennybunk!  It is a beautiful area with the shore just a short walk up the road for the Franciscan House, where we held the Getaway.  Look at my view one afternoon…

Beach in Maine

And the flowers were still in full bloom!  Walk in the opposite direction and there were wonderful restaurants and cute little shops.  I managed to have lobster two nights!  YUM!

Still in bloom in Maine!









I forgot to pack my thread holder for my large spools.  So, my solution (actually how I usually sew with a large spool) put it on the floor.  It allows the thread to unwind off the spool and not get hung up for smooth sewing.

The floor is my spool pin!

#1 – For large spools of thread, place on the floor and run the thread up to the spool pin and thread as normal!  No thread stand needed.

Another tip…also happened on this trip…When you don’t want to mark with a marker or chalk, try a Hera Marker.  It has a smooth curved edge that will crease the fabric.  Run it along a ruler for a nice straight line to use as a quilting guide.  Quick and easy for cross hatching!  Thank Patty for the use of your project (and hands) for my photos!

Using a Hera Marker

Hera marker and crease it makes!

#2 – Try a Hera Marker when you don’t want to have to remove chalk or fabric marker from your project.  Mark a crease, follow for your quilting line.  NO removal necessary!

I’m already looking forward to my next Getaway next year!  Do you attend Getaways or Retreats?  I sure enjoy them!!

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