Two Tip Tuesday – Spa Therapy

A received a wonderful surprise post on my Facebook page from a quilt shop that is showcasing one of my patterns. Five Eighth Seams in Charleston, SC is using my “Spa Therapy Bags” pattern for their Sewing Club this month! They posted a photo of four ladies who made the shoulder bag. They made kits with several contrasting covered piping for the edge of the bags. I LOVE how they turned out. I don’t know these ladies personally, but KUDOS for a job well done!

Five Eighth Seams Sewing Club
Spa Therapy Bags

You can find the pattern for the “Spa Therapy Bags” pattern on my website. Here!

I suggest using field corn (also called deer corn by some) to fill the shoulder bag. You can also use rice, poly pellets or other seed type products. I prefer the corn as it can go in the microwave for a few minutes for a warm hug on those achy shoulders. I like the smell of the corn better than the rice. The poly pellets are great if you are only using them for a weighted bag, but you cannot heat them. I’d love to hear how you fill your spa shoulder bags.

The eye/sinus bag pattern is also included. I use flax seed for the eye bag as it is softer on the eye area. The flax does heat up hot and fast, so be careful! I do not add essential oils but you sure could. I keep my personal eye bag in the freezer to calm my sinuses and head tension.

Here is the pattern cover!

“Spa Therapy Bags” pattern cover

You can make both bags with one yard of fabric (AND that includes making the covered cording in the same fabric) They make wonderful presents for ALL ages!

#1 – Only 1 yard of fabric can make a great present of a “Spa Therapy Bag”!

Did you know Support Your Local Quilt Shop day is January 25th?!!  Where will you be shopping?  I try to visit a couple of my local shops to show my support.  I love shopping at my local shops, I can touch and see the fabrics up close and personal!

#2 – Support your local quilt shops!

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1 Response to Two Tip Tuesday – Spa Therapy

  1. Dee Winter says:

    Depends on the Iowa weather. My usual shop is Prairie Rose in Clarksville and Fiberworks in Waverly.

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