Two Tip Tuesday – Hexie placemat report!

Wow! We had some fun making Hexie placemats! As I mentioned last week, I love seeing all the different fabric combinations. I’ll post photos below of the student’s results. It was a very successful day with a lot of placemats being made, quilted and one bound!

I’ll start right off with the tips…  Nancy brought her flannel mat that she lays out her blocks.  It can roll up, keeping everything in place.  Quick and easy to make with flannel, backing and a bias binding to hold it together.

Nancy’s design mat!

#1 – Use a piece of flannel fabric, mat or similar to arrange blocks, or in our case placemats!

Then Cheryl reminded me of a tip I gave when I was teaching the Lucy Boston Blocks…if you are having trouble threading a needle, turn it around. 

#2 – Needles are punched in one direction and easier to thread in the direction they were punched.

Look at these wonderful colors!

Christmas! By Cheryl G.

Great colors! By Diane Z.

Fruits! By Gretel

Purple and Gray! Lori L.

Yes, three! By Nancy B.

Blues! By Cathy F.

Glamour! By Suzanne M.

Cute Bees! By Tina B.
































in quiting,


DONE! With Back to Front Binding
By Sue L.

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