Two Tip Tuesday – Designer Tips rescheduled and Zoom

First, the Designer Tips & Techniques has been rescheduled to next week! They will be June 16, 17 and 18. Most will stay the same but we are waiting on some switches and final lineup. I will be presenting on June 17th at 3pm. (This is a different day and time for me than before.) I will post the list as soon as I get it later this week.

I was a presenter for the Virtual Quilt Market last week!  How do you show ALL your quilts when we aren’t in a convention center?  Why you lay them in your yard!  These quilts represent the 14 “Brilliant” and “Tool” patterns and variations I have designed using Brilliant Bindings.  It was fun to show them all!

“Brilliant” and “Tool” quilts! D.Wendt

I taught my first Zoom class on Saturday.  It was a wonderful success.  We made the Brilliant Ribbon Pillow that is a free download on my website.  It was a way for several to experience Zoom for the first time!  I had fun sharing demos on the steps and seeing the progress of everyone’s finished ribbons.  We had many different color combinations and all held a special place with each who made them.  Brilliant Bindings was used to cut the ribbon tails!  Unfortunately, I missed getting photos of my screen with everyone sharing their finished ribbon.  Below is the photo from my pattern.

If you need a quick gift this is a great option.  You could even make a dozen or so and put them into a quilt.  You can find the pattern HERE.   The pillow is not to be confused with the Brilliant Ribbons Quilt!  A great pattern for using up 2 1/2″ strips/scraps.

Brilliant Ribbons Quilt

I hope you enjoy making ribbons.

Stay tuned for classes I will be teaching on Zoom.  Below is a behind the scene look at how I set up for the Zoom class.

Behind the scene

  1. Brilliant Ribbons on my quilt rack.
  2.  2 daylight bar lights.
  3.  A ladder, a tool box and a storage box for height that has my ipad as the demo camera.
  4. Steps dropped on the floor once they were shown.
  5. ALL set up in the middle of my new found studio in my family room.

HA!  Some tips for filming/demo-ing on Zoom!

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