Two Tip Tuesday – Scrappy Borders

First, I want to remind you about the block hop, Around the Block – US Tour.  It begins on August 2nd.  It is FREE, so be sure to sign up for notifications or check the website each week for visiting another state block.  (The blocks will be more than the block named for each state.  There are wonderful designers bringing you their own take the state block they are designing.)  click the link to go to the US Tour site.

I’ve shown a few scrappy quilts on my last couple posts and I’ve got another scrappy idea for you to try!  My friend Faye, showed one of her quilts with a scrappy border and the easy way she does it.  Register tape!  YES, all those receipts you get from your purchases or the miles of coupons that some stores spit out and hand to you.  You can piece on them!  Use extra strips, any width and sew one next to the other, trim them up and you have an instant scrappy border strip.  Most receipt tape is 3 1/8″ wide, this will finish to 2 5/8″.   OR you could even add extra width beyond the receipt when you trim if you want a wider border.  The tape will keep it stabilized and it is easy to remove.

Receipt paper piecing

Sew to either side!

This would add great variety of colors for the outside of any scrappy quilt.  You could even keep it to specific colors in the quilt.  I can see many possibilities.  How about crazy or wonky pieces?  Or skinny and fat strips?  The list can goes on….or should I say the receipt goes on.  Faye showed us a roll just waiting for another quilt.

#1 – Save those receipts and start sewing scraps to them!

#2 – Be sure to test the ink with an iron.  Faye found that it doesn’t come off on her fabric, but best to test.

Faye’s Scrappy Quilt!

I love the quilt Faye made with her scrappy receipt border!

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