Two Tip Tuesday – More on Borders

I hope you got to see my live Facebook Tips & Techniques last week. If you didn’t, it is on my Wendt Quilting Facebook page under videos. Today, I want to continue my thoughts on borders and quilts without borders.

Some quilts are focused on repeat blocks all over.  Some look good with borders and others don’t necessarily need any.  I think Diamond Tipped Tools is one of those.

Diamond Tipped Tools – Brights

#1 – Some quilts don’t need borders!

A good rule of thumb when adding borders…

#2 – Use a measurement already in the quilt as a guide.  If I have 12″ finished blocks, I often use half of that, 6″ border. 

However, in the end, it is what you want and even how much bigger you need to make the quilt.  Adding pieced borders is a great way to add width and length to a quilt.  Audition your ideas!

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  1. Carolyn Reece says:

    Short and sweet. Love how that quilt shows!

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