Two Tip Tuesday – Sun damaged quilts

I have been moving quilts around my house. With the stop of in person quilt shows, my quilts do not need to stay in the suitcases all fall and winter. So, I’m laying them flat on a spare bed. The quilt that was on this bed was made over 20 years ago. I noticed the sun damage a couple years ago and now turn up the side edge of the quilt that faces the window. BUT the damage is done. The back of this quilt is muslin, so sometimes I turn the quilt completely over to protect it further.

Sun damaged quilt!

More sun damage

Be sure to check where the sun comes in windows and hits your quilts!  As you can see, the most damage was to the navy blue.  You can even see what part of the edge was tucked in a shadow.

#1 – Turn up the overhang of a quilt on a bed to protect it from sunlight.

#2 – Turn a quilt completely over so you protect the entire front of the quilt.  I don’t mind fading on the back of a quilt.

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