Two Tip Tuesday – Marking Half Squares

I had a bunch of half squares I needed to mark the diagonal line. Instead of standing at my cutting mat, where I usually mark. (because the fabric doesn’t slip like it does on a regular table) I was looking around for something that would keep my fabric from slipping… (Then I could sit in my comfy chair to do the marking instead of standing at my cutting table.)

Ah ha!  My iPad cover…  It has a rubberized feel and when I drag my pencil across the fabric, it didn’t slip.  Perfect!

Table cover instead of sandpaper board.

#1 – Use a tablet cover instead of a sandpaper board when marking lines on fabric.

It made short work of all the squares I had to mark and NO slipping.  A couple other favorite tools in the photo…

Papermate mechanical pencil with #2 lead.  It has the smoothest, no drag, lead that I have found to mark fabric.  It has to be the one in the photo, yellow!  I learned this years ago from my quilting friends in Monroe, Louisiana.  (I sure hope they are safe from all the rain and winds that the latest Hurricane brought through.)

#2 – Use a Papermate yellow #2 mechanical pencil when marking lines on the back of fabric.  It is so smooth!  Hold it at a lower angle so it more easily pulls across the fabric.

Drag pencil across at a lower angle for a smooth line.

Papermate yellow #2 mechanical pencil! Plus Brilliant Bindings!

AND my favorite tool for marking (and BINDING!!), Brilliant Bindings.  It has a great feel, nice clear edge to follow, 1/4″ lines are easy to see, if you need them.  Makes for a bonus use and extra #3 tip!

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