Two Tip Tuesday – First Day of Fall

Today marks the Fall Equinox. Plus it is my hubby’s birthday.  I made birthday breakfast and dinner.  Cake was made yesterday.  I added a couple candles and sang.  So, I didn’t think much about it being Two Tips today.  But, in realizing it is the first day of Fall it shouts that cooler days are here to stay for a while.  Did you have a cool Fall day? Fall is a great time to dig out those quilts to snuggle up. I love Fall for the warm days and cool nights.  My hubby’s favorite quilt is “Tin Man”.  This was the first quilt I made for him.  I started it in 1994 for his birthday and finished it four years later.  I hand quilted it and took way to long to finish it, but it has been the favorite for years!

Tin Man by D. Wendt

Do you have a “go to” quilt to snuggle under?  I bet you do!  “Tin Man” has a very thin polyester batting.  A great weight and very easy to hand quilt.  Also shown are some of the hand quilting from the back of the quilt.  I love using a muslin back so you can see the quilting!  Plus at the time I started this we were living in Egypt and I saved the “good” fabric for the front.  US cotton prints were hard to come by in those days in Egypt.

Tin Man quilting on back.
by D. Wendt

Tin Man border quilting,
by D. Wendt






My favorite batting to machine quilt is bamboo by Winline.  Have you thought about trying different battings?

#1 – A thin polyester batting is easy to needle for hand quilting!

#2 – My favorite batting for machine quilting is bamboo.  It behaves like cotton but is lighter and so yummy when washed.

Give some different battings a try!

Tip Bonus – Use a plain fabric on the back to show off your work.  You’ve spent the time quilting it, show it off!

in quilting,


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