Two Tip Tuesday – Fall Quilts

I hope you got a chance to watch my Facebook live last week. Fifteen minutes sure does fly by. I talked about choosing colors for fall quilts. After I finished, I realized my quilts didn’t have any orange (one of my favorite colors!). So, I went in search of quilts I have made with orange. Most of my quilts with orange have brights to go with it. I know I have made fall table runners as gifts, so that counts! Looks like I need to make a fall quilt sometime.

I am inspired by the change of color here in New England. It is leaf peeping season, taking a drive to look at the leaves. I picked up some leaves out of my yard for the Fall into Options FB live. I’ll put the picture below. Then, another inspiration! This tree was in a local park. Glorious!!

My tips on fall quilts was to add variations of the same colors (use pink along with red, bright green along with dark green). This gives the quilt more interest. I also suggested to add other colors to make those fall colors pop. I think the green leaves with the brilliant red/orange tree is a great example. Plus look at the sun shining through!

To keep with the theme and adding more tips…

#1 – Take some photos for inspiration. Look at the sky colors, add those in your fall quilts.

How about that dark road with all the leaves overhanging the road or leaves on the ground?

#2 – Add that dark color for contrast. Of course you can always add cream for light contrast.

What is your fall quilt project? Or have you jumped right to Christmas/Winter?

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1 Response to Two Tip Tuesday – Fall Quilts

  1. I have always loved the fall colors. I am stitching along on #AutumnJubilee2020 following the “quilt along” and the “sew along” with the blog “From My Carolina Home” this month. We are doing a “row” quilt. 3 Rows done; 2 are stars and one is trees. Having a ball with all the colors. Our sew along is a bag making project, and I tripped over some fabric with fall leaves on a purple background. I love your collection of leaves and the photo with the green tree in the background. I do believe fall is my favorite time of year. 🙂

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