Two Tip Tuesday – back from delay

Did you miss me last week? I was traveling home from “home”. I went to see my parents and some family and didn’t have enough umph to get Two Tips done. I’m back! Working on getting things wrapped up for the AQS Christmas Countdown Facebook page. You can ask to join! I’ll be doing a free pattern featured on their blog. I’ll be adding the videos I do to my Facebook page. In my Christmas Countdown project, I’ll focus on what you can do with 2 “jelly roll” strips, that is strips cut 2 1/2″ wide by the width of fabric. It will start on Nov. 11th for three weeks. I’ll give you a peek here as soon as AQS announces it. Join me!

I remembered a quilt I did a number of years ago that had orange! Actually, it was 2010. We had an artist paired with a quilter. My artist was a photographer and the photo was of fall leaves and a fall scene. Below is my rendition of his beautiful photo arrangement. I’m sorry I don’t have his photo to show you.

Autumn Leaves D.W.2010

When I look back on this quilt I see all the colors of the tree I showed you a couple weeks ago. I love the bright orange with the bright green! The black binding mimicked his black frame. In looking at the leaves on the left, I was happy I played with the color in the fabrics to give the leaves more curves just by fabric placement. (Especially the brown leaf in the middle.)

#1 – When making a watercolor quilt or when “blurring” the lines of a pieced block, look at the colors in the fabrics and how you can rotate them to get the effect you want.

My tree and leaves on the ground have some hard lines…hindsight! But, I love that I made some pyramid shapes not realizing it until the pieces were sewn together.

#2 – Once blocks are pieced together they get melded into designs. Squint when you are laying out your pieces to “see” how they might look once sewn.

May your Fall days continue to have color. I know many of you have gotten snow already…Winter is around the corner (but hopefully not before Halloween!)

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