Two Tip Tuesday – Christmas Countdown

My project on AQS Christmas Countdown Facebook page begins tomorrow! I’m planning on doing a Facebook Live at some point in the afternoon. If you don’t catch the live video, it will be there to view later! I’m excited to share this quick project for the holidays. There are options.

Below are some of the fabrics I’m using in my samples. This wonderful winter holiday fabric is beautiful. The sparkle and shine of the silver is stunning. Check out my website to purchase these beautiful fabrics. I have limited yardage.

Another item to share…I’ll be presenting on the Global Quilt Connection on Nov. 19th. from 4-5:30 pm Eastern. This will focus on teachers and the online quilt classes they offer. I, too, am joining the virtual world of teaching on Zoom. I will be adding my classes on my website over the next week. Anyone can register to view the Global Quilt Connection event, not just quilt guilds as was the last event. I’m really excited to get back to teaching since so many of my teaching events were cancelled this year. I hope to “see” you in a class in the near future! They are having the first round of teachers on the 17th.

Have you taken an online class? I’ve taken a few and it is really fun. Why?

#1 – You have all your supplies right at hand when taking a class from home.

#2 – You get to meet quilters from all over…even international!

Those are more like answers, instead of tips, to my question. BUT great tips for taking a class online. I use cameras for closeup shots of the demos and I’m right there “with you” (on screen of course) to help guide you and answer questions. Stay tuned for more information!

An update on my website…no update…yet! Fingers and toes crossed it will be soon!

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