Two Tip Tuesday – Busy, busy, busy!

This week is wicked busy! (As they say here in New England. I never said wicked before living here, it just fits perfectly with some sayings!) I’ll be presenting the steps LIVE on the AQS Christmas Countdown Facebook page, tomorrow. Wednesday Nov. 18th, 3:00pm CT (4ET and so on!! Last week I had someone from Germany and Spain, thank you!!) The free pattern, Winter Tree-Land will be on the tomorrow morning! Did you know I have kits available? My Dad made the wooden tree and bases, they are awesome! You can find the kits on my website, Also if you just want those beautiful Christmas fabrics, they are there as well. See last weeks post of the beautiful fabrics.

Then tomorrow evening, I’ll be presenting to the Concord Piecemakers Quilt Guild via Zoom. Zoom has become a great platform for guild presentations and teaching. Those classes I promised on my website will be up soon!

Thursday, Nov. 19th I will be presenting on the Global Quilt Connection for any students looking for quilt classes to take from teachers around the globe. (You do not have to be in a guild for this!) You can register to watch the 3 minute presentations on Global Quilt Connection. The first set of teachers will present this afternoon, 4-5:30 ET, same time for the 19th. No worries if you miss it. You can watch the videos later.

That brings be to almost the weekend! So today, I hope to finish a new pattern. You get a sneak peek…

Winter Tree-Land Table Runner 2020 Debbie Wendt

This is a continuation of my Winter Tree-Land. I’m calling it Winter Tree-Land Table Runner, no change of thought there <grin>! Once you make a few trees from the Christmas Countdown you’ll be ready for this wonderland. I’ll be making this pattern downloadable! (fingers and toes crossed) Of course, I’ll have the pattern available in paper form also. This pattern has VERY detailed cutting instructions. Nothing difficult, just detailed. Once your cutting is done, the table runner goes together quickly.

With that, a question for you…Do you prefer downloadable patterns or paper pattern that come to you in the mail??? I’m curious!

I have been doing a lot of cutting…have you changed your rotary blade lately? Be sure to be very careful when changing it. As you undo it, always keep the pieces in the same order! A new blade sure makes a difference to “run”/cut efficiently. Plus change your sewing machine needle. Mine was “ticking” the other day, tick, tick, tick. It had a small burr, a new needle made a huge difference. I know better than to sew with it as long as I did. Yes, a slight run/pull in the weave of the fabric on several sewn seams. That is another indication something is amiss.

#1 – Change your blade, keeping the parts in ORDER!

#2- Change your needle if you hear any sounds as it pierces the fabric. You might have a burr or it could be slightly bent.

BONUS… Did you know you should unplug your sewing machines when you are not using them? We had a storm rolled through the other night, I quickly unplugged. No need to take any chances of a power surge.

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