Two Tip Tuesday – Dec. 1st

Holy moly, where did this year go? I think we all know the answer and all have different takes on it. I, for one, am floored it is already December. I have some unfinished projects that have to be done before Christmas. I really wanted to do some more Christmas sewing…can you say Winter Tree-Land. But, I’m afraid I won’t get any more sewn this year. I’m going to be a busy bee these next few days and see how it goes.

I LOVE sewing for Christmas. I’ve done everything from aprons, to lap quilts (28 one year) to the KC Chiefs fleece blankets last year. (Oh, there was a Miami Dolphins one thrown in the mix! ) Will you be doing any last minute projects?

If you need a quick project be sure to checkout the Winter Tree-Land directions (still on The coasters/mug rugs are really simple. Two strips 2 1/2″ x WOF will get you 5 coasters. If you are willing to piece one of the backing triangles, you can get 10 triangle backings from a 7″ x WOF strip! Add a couple more strips and you have 10 coasters ready for presents. See the photos below for cutting 10 backing triangles for the TINY TREES.

  1. Leave the strip folded as it came off the bolt. Start with a half tree/triangle allowing 1/4″ seam allowance beyond the selvages.
  2. Cut along the edge of the tree.
Cut half tree/triangle along selvages – double layer

3. Continue cutting the full trees/triangles down the strip using sewn tree and template.

Sewn tree and template for backing.
All cut except the last one.

4. For the final triangle, unfold and cut the single layer.

Open to single layer at fold to cut last triangle.

Sew the first two halves with 1/4″ seam. All 10 backing triangles are ready!!

#1 – Use up your fabric, even if you have to sew a seam. Quilters are thrifty, USE what you have! A seam in the middle of a backing is what would have been done in years gone by.

#2 – It is still early in December, start those last minute projects NOW!

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