Two Tip Tuesday – Change of thought

I’m working on a long overdue project. It is a double wedding ring. I borrowed a friend’s machine as mine is not feeling well. (I hit a wire in a mask I was making.) It needs a tuneup! But that isn’t what this post is about. It is about working with a different sewing machine than what I usually sew on. In the past, I have not liked using an automatic presser foot lifter and thread cutter. I like to have my presser foot down when I stop and have my threads pulled to the back of the machine before I start. With newer machines, the “cut” and presser foot button is a feature many now have.

Sooooo…In sewing these double wedding ring melons/arcs/corners to the centers, I had to start sewing 1/4″ in from the center piece corners. I like to start with the needle down in the exact 1/4″ corner. I could then push the presser foot down button to hold the fabric in place. Then, I began sewing. Convenient! Shown in the photos below.

Needle down from start of seam.
Needle down and now foot down, ready to sew.

When I stopped sewing the seam at the next corner I could use the “cut” button to cut the thread and it also raises the presser foot. Brilliant for this construction process!

End of seam, needle still down.
“Cut” button (scissors) on the machine.
After “cut” button…thread cut and pr!esser foot has reiased

I liked using the foot control and cut button on this project. However, on others I still prefer to have my thread tails (bobbin and top) out behind when I start sewing. This is how I learned and what I am most comfortable with. When using one of my featherweights, this is a must. So the needle isn’t unthreaded when you start sewing. Plus, as I taught my home ec students, always begin with the take up lever in the highest position. It must go up before it goes down! If you have trouble with the needle coming unthreaded when you begin sewing, give this a try. It works!

#1 – Try new sewing machine features! Sometimes one of the features will work better on different tasks at hand.

#2 – If you have trouble with your needle unthreading when you begin sewing. Pull both the needle and bobbin threads to the back of the machine before you begin sewing. And make sure you start with the take up lever in the highest position. It has to go backup (and is in direct relation with the needle) before it goes down and makes a stitch.

By the way, all photos were taken in color….the fabrics are gray tones! Fun effect!

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