Two Tip Tuesday – Wedding Ring Quilt DONE

The secret project is DONE and delivered. I made a Double Wedding Ring Quilt for a niece and her husband. Their wedding was last year so the quilt was almost a year and half in waiting and making. It was great to get it finished! I made solid rings but did a unique over/under at the ring intersections. I love how it came together and so do they. It is already on their bed! My dad made their bed and night stands! (dresser, too! That is not in the photo.) He does amazing beautiful work!

Double Wedding Ring made by Debbie Wendt for K&K!!

In making the over/under interlocking rings, it was necessary to lay out the entire quilt before I started sewing. I used a king size flannel sheet pinned to my design wall. A huge help in sewing this together is that I had pre-marked the center points and corner stopping points. It sure made it easier to pin, sit and sew instead of marking as I went. Some things are definitely worth doing! And marking, in this case, is so worth it!! It is a KING size quilt, tippy toes didn’t even get the full view below. And wouldn’t you know, I had a mistake at one interlocking corner. As the old saying goes, it lets out any evil spirits. Yes, I did tell them and it will become a challenge to find it. <grin>

#1 – Some mistakes are meant to be. Let those evil spirits out!

I chose interlocking hearts for the center quilt design and I free-hand quilted a curvy swirl in the melons. I hand guided all the quilting. Every ring was stitched in the ditch. Marking white on white-ish background is quite a challenge. A black light was key to seeing my iron off chalk lines. I forgot to order a black light bulb for my machine, so I made my own contraption. It worked but hindsight…order the bulb! The chalk bounces off as I quilt, but you can see my black light below.

#2 – A black light is wonderful to help show white chalk on a white background!

Interlocking hearts D.W.
Blacklight zip tied on my Nolting longarm

I used Marti Michell’s Double Wedding Ring Template set. Great set, nice templates. Yes, it is a large quilt! Yes, it was a lot of work! Yes, I was determined to deliver it before Christmas! Yes, I did it! The best YES, they love it!!

Merry Christmas!

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