Two Tip Tuesday – Brilliant Swirl

On Saturday I taught my Brilliant Swirl pattern to one of my local guilds! I enjoyed being the teacher again! We had the class via Zoom. I had prepped steps with a new group of fabrics I purchased. Did I need new fabric? NO. Did I want new fabric? YES! I choose some red, white and blues. I seem to always gravitate towards those colors for demo steps. Plus, it is what I used in the pattern for the larger version quilt. The Brilliant Swirl cover quilt is below, pink version. The larger version I am going to make is shown beside it. It has a double swirl!

Brilliant Swirl – cover quilt – by Debbie Wendt
Brilliant Swirl – double swirl – by Debbie Wendt

The fabrics I purchased had more reds, so I changed up the color arrangement from what is show above. It sure is difficult to tell, but there are many different whites, reds and navy blue fabrics. My version is starting to look like this…

Brilliant Swirl – by D.Wendt

Everyone in class got several blocks made during class! Always a plus and fun to show how easily these blocks come together. Two students sent me photos the next day! They each used strips from a jelly roll and added the light(s) to give contrast to their SWIRL.

Brilliant Swirl – by Diane S.
Brilliant Swirl – by Cheryl G.

Did you get the reverse SWIRL that Cheryl did. She decided she wanted hers to spin clockwise. FUN!!

#1 – Make YOUR quilt YOUR own. Just like Cheryl did with the change in the Swirl direction.

The Brilliant Bindings tool is used as the cutting template. We marked right on the tool to get the template sizes. So much easier than cutting around a paper template. Did you know you can remove permanent marker with an alcohol wipe? Slick!

#2 – Mark lines on an acrylic ruler with a permanent marker. Remove those lines with an alcohol wipe!

The Brilliant Swirl pattern can be purchased from my website. It can be found HERE. The paper templates are included but it is much easier to cut around an acrylic template and was designed for using Brilliant Bindings. Brilliant Bindings can be found HERE. It was designed to help with making perfect mitered corners and no fuss joining of binding end seams. BUT, it can be used as a cutting template. Bonus! I hope you have had some fun sewing in this first week of 2021!

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