Two Tip Tuesday – Brilliant Swirl is still swirling!

This past week several more Brilliant Swirl quilts showed up in my email and on our guild’s group page. I’m excited to share more progress from my Brilliant Swirl Workshop! I will share some comments as I go.

First, this quilt can be arranged in many different ways (as I mentioned last week with Cheryl’s clockwise swirl). The quilt below was made by my Aunt Jody back in December. She sends me surprise photos every few months of quilts she has made with one of my patterns!! Love her and her beautiful attention to detail!

Brilliant Swirl by Jody S.

Now, these next quilts are from the workshop…

#1 – These quilts are proof that any fabric combinations work! And work well. One did a modified swirl and another didn’t do a swirl at all. Both are still working on arranging.

and then #2 – High contrast in fabrics does make a difference. Each has benefits and appeal. No right or wrong, just different looks!

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