Two Tip Tuesday – again on Wednesday

I’m not sure where Tuesdays go these days, but I seem to miss them. HA! I can think of loads of excuses but I won’t bore you with them. Tuesday is gone, so I’ll focus on giving you my Tuesday tips on Wednesday this week. Two weeks in a row, NO I will not make this a thing, if I can help it!

I posted over on Instagram (@debbiewendtquilting) for Sneak Peek #1 of the Inspiration Renovation Challenge for March of the Rail Fence Block. As I stated on Instagram, a Rail Fence Block is typically one of the first blocks we teach beginner quilters. WHY? Well, it is typically 3 or 4 simple straight pieces. The pieces are usually rectangles and it is a great way to test your 1/4″ seam allowances. They are also good to practice sewing straight seams, use good pressing techniques and quick success of block construction!! Accuracy does matter in quilting! We want all our blocks to fit together easily to end up with a “square” quilt. Not square as in shape (although some quilts can certainly be square) but square in that the edges are at right angles to each other. Sure, there are often variations, but most quilts have square corners. And so I have gone down a rabbit hole…….back to my post of the Sneak Peek….see below. Some days my designing happens on paper.

Rail Fence Sneak Peek Rail Fence Challenge

I’m excited about this simple little block and I hope you’ll follow me over on Instagram for another sneak peek next Monday and the reveal on March 29th.

#1 – Simple blocks can make stunning quilts. Not every quilt needs to be difficult!!!

Pointing out one of my favorite simple designs. Equidistant. This pattern is in my patterns section of my website and can be found HERE. This quilt has a different look depending on the fabrics you choose. The cover is in blues/teals and tans/browns and one of my samples is in brights with a gray background. Different look of the same design….and a simple 9-patch block!!

#2 – A change in color can really change the way a quilt looks. You don’t have to make it just like the pattern!

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