Two Tip Tuesday – Rail Fence

Keeping with the Rail Fence Challenge, I’m going to give some tips I do when working with strip sets. I realized I do some of these things without even thinking about it. First, lets look at Rail Fence blocks. The colors in the photo below is a bit off, but you can see the Rail Fence blocks next to other Rail Fence blocks. I’m not showing the end result. (That is next week on Instagram and then I’ll share here as well!!)

In making a Rail Fence block, typically we sew three (or more) strips together. My Rail Fence blocks are made with three rails and my strips are cut 2 1/2″. After sewing my strip set (we call strips sewn together a strip set). I square up one end. When squaring, use the seam lines, not the outside strip edges. Why? The seams are important to keep the block straight and square. As strips and blocks are ironed, the edges could be skewed a bit. So, focusing on the “straight” of the seam keeps the blocks constant.

The blocks were cut to 6 1/2″ square. Note the seam lines on the lines of the ruler and the outside edges of the fabric are a smidge off in a couple spots. I’m not talking about huge variances, but jut a few threads. That is “okay”!! A couple different strips sets are shown.

As you cut along the strip set, continue to square after cutting several blocks. Fabric moves!

I started by saying there are things I do that I don’t think about. It is part of how I cut strip sets…

#1 – Square by using the seam lines when possible. It helps keep the block straight.

#2 – Square your strip set after cutting several blocks. Fabric moves. Also, fabrics are different weights and can move and shift as you sew and as you cut and as you iron.

Have you made a Rail Fence Block? A Rail Fence Quilt? I’m looking forward to the reveal next week on Monday over on Instagram. I’ll show you my Renovation Imagination of the Rail Fence Block Challenge on Two Tips next week!

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