Two Tip Tuesday – Rail Fence Reveal

Monday was the reveal of my Rail Fence Challenge. Imagination Renovation of a Rail Fence block. I decided to make my rail fence blocks with a background between each color and by turning them on point I got a zigzag that runs down the length of the quilt. Lightening!! While I was making the quilt, I kept thinking about the saying “Lightening never strikes the same place twice” So, I’m calling this quilt “Never Strikes Twice”. As simple as this block is to piece, the complexity comes in the color placement and arrangement. I LOVE it! Plus, I had a blast making it!

“Never Strikes Twice” by Debbie Wendt

Take a look at the blocks close up!

Blocks in “Never Strikes Twice” by Debbie Wendt

In order to get the lightening to run the entire length of the quilt, I needed pieced side triangles to complete the strike. I made a strip pieced unit of Color 1 – Background – Color 2. I used a tool I got years ago from Kaye England that are called Rulers for a Cause, now Good Measure rulers. I used her Half Square ruler to cut the side pieced triangles. Technically, it need a quarter square piece to keep the straight of grain on the outside of the triangle. BUT, the half square worked for the pieced triangles I needed. Yes I have a biased cut on the outside edge. I will be careful when piecing, not to stretch it!! The two photos below are the two pieced triangles needed. One for the top and the other for the bottom. It worked nicely!

#1- A Rail Fence turned on point can have a NEW look!

#2 – Sometimes a bias edge of a triangle is on the outside edge. This worked for this quilt. I would make a habit of doing it this way. Remember the challenge Imagination Renovation…I used what I had to make it work in this situation with the strip pieced units I sewed.

Oh, this will be a new pattern this summer! I’ll let you know when it is available on my website.

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2 Responses to Two Tip Tuesday – Rail Fence Reveal

  1. It is a striking design! I think the color choice really pop against that charcoal grey background fabric. The best part is you had FUN making it! 🙂

  2. debbiewendt says:

    Thank you! Happy fabrics on gray is a favorite.

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