Two Tip Tuesday – Pinwheel Challenge continued

First! Thank you to the North Coast Needlers Quilt Guild in Ohio! It was great to be with your guild this evening via Zoom. My lecture was on….my favorite…Bindings! Bindings are NOT Boring. A new microphone (wireless so I can move around!!) and ton of samples. I had fun sharing many of my go-to ideas to make your bindings fun and BRILLIANT!

The Pinwheel Challenge is still under way. Yesterday was Sneak Peek #1 over on Instagram. You can find me at (@debbiewendtquilting). The photo I shared is below.

I love making the seams of a pinwheel have a pinwheel on the back, too! A simple snip of a seam line thread at the outside edge and you can twirl/swirl the seams to rotate. Why? To have a flatter, less bulky center of the block! The photo above is the backside of the block. Below is the front.

#1 – Clip a couple outside edge threads of your seam lines to make the pinwheel center to reduce the bulk!

We will have another Sneak Peek next Monday and then the reveal on April 26th. I’m excited about what I have designed. It is like nothing else I have seen and hope you like it.

Thank you to those of you who gave your thoughts on the background. I appreciate you taking the time to give your choice. I could NOT make up my mind. So, I switched to white (as you can see in the photos above). I may change my mind again before I get any further in making blocks. Argh! Any of the backgrounds would look great, decisions, decisions.

#2 – Sometimes you have to change a fabric mid stream. Don’t fret too long! Make the decision and carry on. (This is totally…… do as I say, not as I do…..sometimes!)

Happy piecing, quilting, designing, fabric shopping or whatever makes you QUILTY HAPPY this week!

in quilting,


PS- Last week’s post about the AQS Fabulous Finds….did you see the misprint? My website is spelled incorrectly in the last line. It should be wendtquilting (as in my last name, not went). Oops! I don’t get to see what they write until it is in print. Hoping the readers still find me. Typos happen.

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